A Dead Franchise Makes A Comeback

The return of Michael Myers


Michael Meyers returns for the sequel, "Halloween", nearly 40 years after the original's release.

Kelsey Looney, Reporter

The so called “dead” Halloween franchise has made a comeback, and right in time for Halloween. With the release of the 2018 Halloween movie, directed by David Gordon Green, the classic horror icon Michael Myers has come back in such a way that the audience found much needed closure in the series.

To the audiences’ delight, the film didn’t shy away from sprinkling the movie with memories that brought the audience back to the debut of the film, back in 1978, when Michael Myers was known as “The Shape”.

In the new film, Green does a fantastic job at casting the iconic slasher as he should be. A silent, slow-walking, ruthless and emotionless madman determined to wipe out every last person in his bloodline- and those who get in his way. It’s the perfect combination to give any person the chills.

In the movie, the iconic Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis returns to the franchise. The hard-headed grandmother is determined to end the murderous monster’s life once and for all, all while protecting her daughter Jamie Lloyd and her niece Allyson Strode, even though Jamie wants nothing to do with her.

Throughout the film, it becomes apparent that Laurie suffers from some sort of stress disorder due to her past encounters with Michael Myers. Years after Michael Myers was locked up, Laurie still struggles with sleep, and has numerous social issues. She rigs her house, and almost begs her daughter, Jamie to relocate herself and her family back to her small, country home located deep in the woods, claiming that Michael would return, and soon. Although everyone thought she was crazy, it soon became very clear that she was right. But it had been too late.

Although the movie doesn’t have as much of a story line and may be harder to follow than the other Halloween movies, it holds the perfect amount of thrill to keep the audience entertained- even if some don’t know what’s going on.

Green does an amazing job shaping and projecting the personality of each character, all in such a short time. Audience members that have no idea what each character is like find out quickly, as their personalities become very clear. Even the minor characters that only have a bit of screen time fail to disappoint. Before they meet their doom, we almost certainly feel for them, and wince every time they fall victim to the ruthless slasher.

The slasher film holds the right amount of thrill, anticipation and exciting scenes to keep any viewer on the edge of their seat.