Like or Dislike?

Instagram's new policy on removing the amount of likes from posts


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With the rise in awareness in Mental Illness, Instagram public likes may be leaving the platform.

Jade O’Neill, Reporter

Instagram Head, Adam Mosseri updated to a new version of Instagram where the number of likes on a person’s post cannot be seen by the public, but can be seen by the user.

Thousands of people use Instagram daily, but will this recent development be good or bad for the app socially?

“I feel like the app would be used less because people go on Instagram to like stuff,” freshman Isabelle Grothoff said. “Snapchat is known for taking pictures, Twitter is known for tweeting and Instagram is known for its likes. I just feel like the app would go downhill from there.”

The majority of people on Instagram do their own private thing, but what about the people who make Instagram their job? Being Instagram famous is a lot of young people’s dreams. Not only famous people are Instagram famous but some people built their careers around their content and pictures. Believe it or not, many people get paid and have a life revolving around their Instagram and social media status. Removing the likes will likely destroy all of those opportunities. 

Instagram is getting rid of the number of likes because it supposedly is too competitive and destroys self-confidence, and it’s true. If people don’t get as many likes as their friends they feel beat; like that other person is somehow better.

“I feel like it can ruin people’s self-esteem and confidence,” sophomore Alyssa Campbell said.

Numbers aren’t supposed to define who a person is, but most Instagram users made it to where it does. Some people will completely hate the new app upgrade and some will love it. We will just have to see how the world responds.