Elle Pruss & Aerial Silks


Submitted by Elle Pruss

Ella Pinz, Reporter

Freshman Elle Pruss has learned that sometimes scary things can also turn out to be the most exciting things.

“News things are always somewhat scary until you try them,” Pruss says.

Elle Pruss first began using aerial silks after it was offered as a program at the dance studio she attended. But silks were not something you could just do- you had to work for it, physically and mentally overcoming challenges, and pushing yourself.

“I had to build up my strength,” she said. “I had to condition my body and build muscle in order to learn the basics.”

Pruss soon learned that it wasn’t going to be easy. It would be tiring and take a lot of learning and technique. She would also have to build up her muscle memory. Silks are a difficult thing to use and it takes a lot of strength and patience.

“Yeah, silks are very difficult,” Pruss said. “They drain your energy and strength very quickly, but after a while, your body adjusts and it learns to push through.”

Not only do you have to push your body when using silks, but also your mind. Silks are dangerous- you can be up to 30 feet in the air, and the only thing keeping you from falling is the silks and yourself. That can be hard on the mind, because there is so much fear and anxiety. 

Performances can also be terrifying, you’re not only trying to not fall but at the same time, you’re also performing for an audience.

“They are exciting and scary,” she said. “Tricks during performances can be challenging and dangerous, but it really is an exciting thing to get to do.”