Domenic Nordmann & Baseball


Submitted by Domenic Nordmann

Hannah Ingrassia, Reporter

With the new year upon us, sophomore Domenic Nordmann reflected on what he has learned in the past months. 

Nordmann said that one thing that he has learned was to eat better and exercise more, to better himself. Something as simple as a lifestyle alteration has changed Normann for the better. 

One of Normann’s goals for the future is to play college baseball and get a scholarship, so that his parents will not have to pay as much for college. 

Nordmann had said that he would love to play for Ole Miss for NCAA but he states that any scholarship would be nice.

According to Nordmann, eating better and pushing himself more is something that has helped him get closer to achieving that goal. 

“I push myself because no one else would,” he said. 

Nordmann states that when you get it down to repetition, it gets so much easier.

The reason he decided to eat better, and exercise more was because being small (in muscle tone) was one of the bigger issues he wanted to address.