A Style Guide Based on Your Venus Sign

Figure out how your Venus placement is going to take your style up a notch


Elaine Thimyan, Reporter

When you were born, there was a picture taken in the sky. Each planet in our solar system was in a zodiac sign as it was traveling through the sky. Your moon sign affects your emotions, your Mars sign affects how you take action, but did you know your Venus sign can affect your personal style? After this article, you’ll learn how to style according to your Venus zodiac sign. If you aren’t sure what your Venus sign is, you can go to Cafe Astrology, which you can access on your phone. 

Now, you don’t have to dress exactly to this guide, every single outfit, 365 days a year. Dressing according to your Venus sign can make you stand out, or make you more magnetic. 

Aries Venus

To style for an Aries Venus, some red is a must. But your style can become very trendy, and a statement. You should definitely have a statement piece, bright colors, mix match patterns and unique jewelry. You need to have variety otherwise you can become bored and unmotivated. A famous Aries Venus is no other than Rihanna who has been notorious for making ‘ugly’ outfits stunning. 

Famous people with Venus in Aries: Rihanna and Audrey Hepburn 

Taurus Venus 

Taurus is traditionally ruled by Venus, so finding your style will come a bit more naturally. Having luxurious fabrics such as silk, velvet and cashmere will not only make you feel more comfortable but you’ll look amazing. If you need inspiration, think ‘old money’. A classy and timeless look will always be your go to look. 

Famous people with Venus in Taurus: Lana Del Rey 

Gemini Venus 

Geminis are naturally curious and always want to try and find the next best thing. For Geminis, bright colors are a must. Burnt oranges, raging magentas, whimsical yellows. Always have fun accessories on hand as well. A good place to start is early 2000’s chic. 

Famous people with Venus in Gemini: Chris Pratt, Megan Fox

Cancer Venus 

Cottagecore. Need I say more? Cancer Venus give ‘it’ girl vibes, you see a Cancer Venus and they seem approachable. Light blue jeans, mini skirts, white fishnets, turtle necks and pastels. Florals as well can be a huge magnifier for you. 

Famous people with Venus in Cancer: Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Keanu Reeves

Leo Venus 

Leos are notorious for being one for theatrics, which is why an old Hollywood feel can do wonders. Designer brands and monochrome, with bright colors of course, outfits can make everyone turn their heads to look at you. A staple in your closet should absolutely be a faux fur coat. You should also invest in your hair, as cliche as it is, voluminous hair will take a look to a 10. A staple in your closet should absolutely be a faux fur coat. 

Famous people with Venus in Leo: Madonna, Jennifer Lawrence

Virgo Venus 

You can look like you have your life together. Business casual. I know it sounds boring but some beiges with a pop of red with some hoops or a gold chain? You’ll feel just as powerful as you look. Blazers, button ups, and minimalistic jewelry will make you look the most divine in the room, and who could argue with that? 

Famous people with Venus in Virgo: Blake Lively, Chris Hemsworth

Libra Venus 

You have the romantic feel to you. Like Taurus, Venus rules your sign, so you’ll be more tapped in with your sense of style. Cancer is similar but you have a less naive touch to you. Think sheer tops with a lace undertop, belt chains, red lipstick, and floral jackets. You will always be living your romantic comedy dreams with these looks.

Famous people with Venus in Libra: Adam Driver, Emma Stone

Scorpio Venus 

Scorpios are the most intense and very fluid with their style. One thing’s for sure, you rock black and dark tones. Grunge is going to be your best friend; keeping up with a mysterious look will definitely draw attention to you. Some black Dr. Martens, plum tops and leather jackets can, and will, get you very far.

Famous people with Venus in Scorpio: Joaquin Phoenix, Rachel McAdams

Sagittarius Venus 

You love adventure and never want to be stale with your looks. Any vintage look is where you can thrive, but specifically the ‘70s. Bell bottoms, go-go boots, feathered hair, Converse, you’ll be all the rage. The ‘70’s laid back and go with the flow nature best suits you and can be both functional and rockin’ for all your adventures. 

Famous people with Venus in Sagittarius: Evan Peters, Amanda Seyfried

Capricorn Venus 

You love durability in your clothes. Thrifting some vintage pieces is a wonderful way to start your wardrobe game. Some neutral tone sneakers, plaid and baggy denim is going to give you that low vibe while still looking fabulous. 

Famous people with Venus in Capricorn: Scarlett Johansson, Christian Bale

Aquarius Venus

You don’t like the norms, you tend to want to try the outdated fashion. Street style is a good place to look for inspiration. Comfy sweatpants with heels, clashing patterns, ‘80s jumpsuits. Funky hairstyles and colors can also help you become more magnetic. 

Famous people with Venus in Aquarius: Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Wilde

Pisces Venus

A dreamer at heart and a romantic through and through, your look should reflect your dreamy nature. Flare sleeves, or any extravagant sleeves really, pastel blues, and big comfy sweaters. You’re similar to a Cancer Venus but you’re much more open and willing, so try and spice things up with makeup or accessories. 

Famous people with Venus in Pisces: Heath Ledger, Reese Witherspoon