Music In The Making

Tai Williams is an aspiring recording artist and producer


Taidrell Williams

Tai Williams in the studio messing with different sounds for future beats.

Amour Riley, Reporter

Tai Williams first found interest in music when he was young. He was always playing instruments.

“When I began middle school, I joined band and in high school is when I started really focusing on studio music,” he said.

Williams, known as Yeen Know, is a recording artist and producer at Liberty. Earlier this year the 16-year-old dropped his first EP Urban Trends. He produced it by himself and completed with six songs featuring other artists at Liberty, Tyler Cotton (Lil Cott) and Isaiah Daniels (The Council 360).

For Williams, his music has been a success since putting out single Everything Foreign. It’s received over 5,000 views on Soundcloud in its first week of being out.

For Williams, music is more of a side career. Although he plans on attending Full Sail University in Florida and earning a bachelor’s degree in music production. He also would like to own a barber shop or a recording studio or recording label.

Of all the aspects in studio music, Williams mainly focuses his passion on producing. He looks up to artist and producers like Drake, Zaytoven, Jermaine Dupri, Stevie Wonder and Dr. Dre. He wants to one day work with Drake, Gunna, Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West.

With his music or any path he takes, Williams is trying to reach the goal of making money and paying off his parents’ home.

Diving a little into the personal life of Mr. Yeen Know, he is the son of a pastor, which made me ask the question: Do you feel the need to censor yourself in the studio being the child of a pastor?

“It’s a tone, for the most part my lyrics are censored,” he said.  His lyrics aren’t bad or filled with foul language. It’s that it’s a vibe that he feel when the beats are going and lyrics are flowing through his head.  It’s the way the music makes him feel.

A little back story about one of the featured artist The Council. The Council 360, better known as Isaiah Daniels or Zayy, is a recording artist that attends Liberty. Daniels said “he thinks Tai is a hardworking individual and will make it far in his craft if he continues to focus and enjoy what he does.” The two friends work great together and as Daniels said he mentors Williams and is always there to support.

The other featured artist is Lil Cott better known as Tyler Cotton.

“Tai has raw talent and if he works more on his technique he will definitely be good,” Cotton said. “Tai could make it as far in the industry as he wants to go. It’s all about his mindset and if he believes in himself.”

Both featured artists plan on having new music out soon. You can listen out for them on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc.

Soon to come is The Story of Yeen Know, Williams’ first studio album. This album is said to follow the life of Williams and really pinpoint his daily life struggles, relationships, successes and further goals. Until then, you can listen to his already released music on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Itunes, YouTube, Tidal and Pandora.