Ignite!ing a New Kind of Education

Alicia Orlando, Reporter

January 12, 2017

Starting from scratch, the Wentzville School District is starting a new program next year called ‘Ignite!’. Ignite! is a new way of hands-on learning outside of the traditional classroom setting. WSD is beginning two strands in...

Flashing Lights Behind You?

MacKayla Kendrick, Reporter

January 11, 2017

As an average teen, one of my biggest fears is getting pulled over by a police car. With my luck, I got pulled over in Sommers Landing, a neighborhood students often cut through, one morning on my way to school. I normall...

Shelter vs Breeder

Hallie Tyarks, Reporter

January 11, 2017

There are so many dogs in shelters that need a home. Either they have been thrown out because their owners didn’t love them anymore, because they get abused, or left places.  There are so many benefits from adopting a dog. One m...

Growing Up

Abby Hurych, Reporter

January 11, 2017

Freshman year was stressful because you're the baby of the school and you're nervous about the older kids and new friends, but once a month or two you are used to everything and you're able to not be as stressed. The assignments...

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Gibson Mitchell, Reporter

January 11, 2017

Improving Liberty’s Atmosphere

Kaela Kirk, Reporter

January 11, 2017

Liberty High School is a warm and welcoming place for everyone who attends. But school sometimes isn’t always so enjoyable for the students. School should be a fun learning experience for everyone but sometimes that just isn’t...

Sticky Fingers, Sticky Floors

Paige File, Reporter

January 11, 2017

Laughter echoing through white plastered wall, lips smackin with cheddar coated puffs, gossiping bouncing from lips to lips. You have found yourself in the cafeteria.. well for most people anyways. Many students here at Liber...

You Guessed it, Guest Wifi

Braden McMakin, Reporter

January 11, 2017

The way information can spread around Liberty is almost crazy, which is why most of us students are already aware of the new student wifi. Rumors began to pop up every now and then around the beginning of this 2016-17 school year, bu...

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