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Melana Quarles is new to Missouri and to Liberty. She likes it alright.  She is looking forward to all the high school memories she hopes to make and really likes an adventure. Beyonce is her idol. She enjoys writing (and does it more everyday), reading, and is always listening to music. She is learning German and one day wants to be fluent in some language. Her ultimate dream is to travel the world and she especially wants to go to New York and maybe even live there. She just has to figure out how to get there. Journalism is her favorite subject and she is the most outgoing in there. She’s a cancer who loves astrology and the sky in general. She loves flowers, especially sunflowers and rose is even her middle name. She also loves paintings and sushi! Her main goal is to do something great and make something of her life, woo.  

Melana Quarles, Reporter

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