Julia Fallert

In a unanimous decision made the Wentzville Board of Education, all high schools will be moving to Level 3 on Monday, Nov. 12.

Reactions To Moving To Level 3

Zach Burright (12) 

“I was kinda happy because I wanna stay home.”

Brenton Taylor (11) 

“I think that it is good. We needed it, we really needed it. I had said it from the very start.”

Sarah Downs (12) 

“I wish it was hybrid. Last year we did level 3, I struggled. I am a senior, and I am worried I will get behind, but I understand that this will protect people from getting sick.”

Jordan Pelphrey (9)

“I think that going to full virtual is nice that we will be able to get more rest and it will be a whole lot easier to have subs at the elementary school. This will hopefully cause the symptoms to go down.”

Coach Wheeler (Staff)

“I almost cried myself to sleep last night, my girlfriend told me to stop crying and shut up, and be happy I have a job. Christmas time at Liberty is one of my favorite times of year. And the reason I love my job so much, I get to see the students every day and it makes me happy, without the students, it's just not Liberty. It's a sad time. But life goes on. We will be okay. :)” *Wheeler has ...

Parent of Chloe and Gavin Netzel (12 & 9)

“I am accepting of it, with the state of the country it is the best thing, it’s gonna be difficult but it’s for the best until we can get covid under control.”

Alexis Bommarito (11)

“I'm gonna have problems focusing, but I know it's for the best; and I think that level 2 worked well.”

Jayce Haun (10)

“I think it’s good. They’re listening to us to move levels, there have been so many more cases, it needed to be done.”

Mr. Hill (Staff)

“It is what it is. I support the decision to keep the kids safe.”

Abby Dickerson (9)

“I wasn't surprised, I’d rather be hybrid but some of my family is higher risk so it's safer.”

Katie Swanson (12)

“I know it needs to happen, but I don't want it to happen. My senior year isn't the same, and it's supposed to be the best year. We should have stayed hybrid and I know that the classes will be hard in virtual.”

Caitlin Novack (9)

“It’s kinda stupid, there’s absolutely no reason as to why we should take the high schoolers out of school. This is one of the most important times of our lives. A lot of us can't even understand what we’re doing in class while we're all virtual.”

Marcey Watkins (Assistant Nurse)

“I feel like with the amount of positive cases and the amount of staff that are out right now. I feel like it is the best thing for our school right now.”

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