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The first snowfall of the school year took place Monday, Nov. 11. Poor road conditions led to the district calling for a snow day on Tuesday.

5 AM Happiness

What are your thoughts when Wentzville calls school off?

On Nov. 12, the Wentzville School District called in a snow day due to inclement weather. The night before, a meteorite had hit Lake St Louis. Many were unaware of the meteor shower occurring that night, and it caused some commotion when people within the radius felt a crash and saw a blue light.

Eliana Moore (11)

"The snow day is pretty cool and kind of a miracle because I didn’t  do any homework last night."

Michelle Yoder (11)

"Everyone in the show wanted to go to school to rehearse anyway because the show is this week so we were all kind of upset; but then Mrs. Gehrke got permission for us to rehearse at school from 2:20-9:00... I’m excited but also scared. I feel a lot better about it now that we don’t have to lose another important rehearsal."

Maven Giffin (11)

"(I'm) lovin' the snow day, it was much needed and even if we didn’t, one half the school wouldn’t have gone anyways. The meteor thing was wild- I’ve just never heard (of) a meteor hit over here before."

Kailey Cain (11)

"A lot of people (...) want to know about my dad’s decision on a snow day (&) ask every time there’s a possibility and it’s annoying because he can't tell me and I can’t influence the decision."

Megan Sproull (10)

"Well at first I didn’t know what was happening- I was in my room and then I heard a big boom and everything shook around like 9:30. So I asked my dad and he told me what it was. Then he showed me the video going around on Facebook and it (the meteor) was actually really cool to look at."

Sean Bruce (10)

"I’m always glad for a snow-day but it sucks when all your quizzes and tests get subsequently pushed into the same day... A meteor shower brings luck to people, I don’t know if it really does, but I would consider a snow day good luck."

Kelsey Looney (10)

"Really though it (the meteor) was awesome and I wish I could've seen it in person."

Tyler Cotton (11)

"Military or aliens- might be both."

Hannah Burcar (11)

"The snow day? Unneeded, when I went to school in Illinois we still went even if it was a foot of snow and -10 degrees out. I think Missouri schools take off too many days of school for 2 inches of snow and barely any ice."

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