Popcorn, Candy, And Other Concessions

Popcorn, Candy, And Other Concessions

Irem Inan, Reporter
November 25, 2020
Jayce Haun (10) uses OBS (a live-streaming software) to prepare for the streaming of the football game.

Publications Students Take On New Challenge

Rhett Cunningham, Talon Yearbook Co-editor-in-chief
November 23, 2020
Following the country's constitutional tribunal that promised to ban abortions, even in the case of fetal defects, thousands of protesters in Kraków Poland gathered to voice their opinions.

Protests In Poland

Elaine Thimyan, Reporter
November 20, 2020
Mrs. Oliva registers to vote shortly after her naturalization ceremony.

From Naturalization To Civic Participation

Ianne Salvosa, Co-Editor-in-chief of The Ledger
November 13, 2020
Anna Wright is a sophomore at LHS who participated in the silent protest on Oct. 23.

Hear Our Voice

Sammy Knickmeyer, Reporter
November 11, 2020
The switch to Level 3 was made in hopes that while maintaining their health and safety, the students and staff in the Wentzville School District can continue their education and work, respectively

WSD High Schools To Begin Level 3: Virtual learning 

Ianne Salvosa, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Ledger
November 10, 2020
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