3D origami flowers in Liberty’s colors to be put on a banner for Board appreciation month. (Lucy Hunter)
3D origami flowers in Liberty’s colors to be put on a banner for Board appreciation month.

Lucy Hunter

Folding into Board Appreciation

Art teachers and students work together to create flowers for a Board appreciation banner

February 4, 2020

Board of Appreciation month is coming up in February and like many other schools, Liberty is making a banner for the Central Office. In the past, all of the banners have been 2D and kind of lackluster. This year, however, Liberty’s art teachers such as Biere, Vo, and Tiemann have gone a step forward and decided to create a 3D banner instead.

Vo, Biere, and Tiemann have asked many students in their art classes and A.I.s to help make these origami flowers for the 3D banner. But what about it is 3D? The origami flowers are to be glued on making the banner three-dimensional. Biere has made a tutorial video for the origami flowers that was shared with all of the rest of the art teachers. 

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Students work with Mrs. Biere to complete the appreciation banner for the Wentzville School District School Board.

“Usually the banners that are put up for Board appreciation are 2D and I thought we could bring in a new element to making it 3D for the first time,” Mrs. Biere explains her thought process for making the 3D banner. 

Biere also says that by this week the sculpture students will have an arrangement to put the origami flowers on the banner, so far the sculpture students have about 100 flowers to work with.

Even to make one flower it’s very time consuming, each flower has 5 petals that need to be made for the flower to be constructed. Each petal has to be folded just right out of a 3×3 square piece of paper. Once all 5 petals are completed, those 5 petals will be glued or taped together. 

“It’s pretty cool that the students can get involved to make these flowers for the school board,” senior art fundamentals student Annalisa Kercher said. “It shows that the students do care and it’s not just a plain banner done in marker or paint.”

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