January Horoscopes

Ring in the new year with a horoscope


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There are many astrological events happening in January this year.

Welcome to your January horoscope! These horoscopes use information regarding the planets, the signs and eclipses/full moons that can be difficult to decipher to the untrained eye. However, the information below will most likely be more accurate than your everyday standard horoscope. All information is from the Sanctuary astrology app. You can follow Sanctuary @Sanctuarywrld on Twitter and Instagram.

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Aries The Ram (March 21-April 20) Ruled by Mars

January is the month for you to focus on balancing your public and private life, Aries! When Saturn connects with Pluto on Jan. 12, you may find yourself struggling with suppressed emotions. Expect a breakthrough after Jan. 13 when Venus enters Pisces. This will bring you some cheer mid-month. New opportunities are on the horizon, and in Aquarius season (Jan. 21- Feb. 19) you might find yourself mixing business and pleasure. 

Taurus The Bull (April 21-May 20) Ruled by Venus

In January, you can expect for things to change for you, possibly rapidly. Uranus is stationed direct, which is an astrological term for moving forward, in your sign on Jan. 10. The Cancer lunar eclipse is happening the same day. This chaos is an opportunity to try something different than what you would usually do. Saturn joins up with Pluto in Capricorn on Jan. 12, bringing you possible doubt or lack of confidence. Keep a positive outlook, Taurus, and set an empowering goal to start off the New Year!

Gemini The Twins (May 21-June 20) Ruled by Mercury

Your 2020 may start off with some romance, Gemini! Mars enters Sagittarius, which represents love and relationships, on Jan. 3. In other news, Saturn meets Pluto in Capricorn around Jan. 12. Around this time, check in with your friends and/or significant other to make sure that you both are putting in equal effort. Check your relationships to see if there are any disagreements coming to the surface. 

Cancer The Crab (June 21-July 21) Ruled by the Moon

January is an important month for you, Cancer! Starting off, a full moon eclipse occurs in your sign on Jan. 10. During this time, consider which relationships and friendships positively impact your self-development. Eclipses have pushed you to negotiate between yourself and others since back in July 2018. It’s a possibility that your life may turn in a different direction by the end of 2020. Whoever you transform into this year, make sure that it’s because of your choice, not an accident. 

Leo The Lion (July 22-August 22) Ruled by the Sun

To start off 2020, Uranus concludes its retrograde and turns direct in your career zone. This happens days before Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn. All of these events mean that you’re starting the year off with an emphasis on routine, health and all the necessary things you do to maintain your everyday life. The main lesson in January for you, Leo, is balance. Challenge yourself to figure out how to balance all of the main aspects of your life this month.

Virgo The Virgin (August 23-September 21) Ruled by Mercury

On Jan. 12, Mercury and the Sun witness Saturn and Pluto meeting up for the first time in 38 years! This is not the best day to socialize because the moon can spread a heavy and tense vibe during this time. The next day, Venus enters Pisces, which represents love and relationships for your sign! Jan. 23 is an ideal day for spending time with a significant other. Keep an eye on the full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer. This starts on Jan. 10, but effects may last until mid-year. Cancer is the sign representing your friends and groups, so this month may be a time where your friend groups are beginning to change or evolve. 

Libra The Scales (September 22-October 21) Ruled by Venus

The new year starts by bringing up changes that need to be made at home when Mercury enters Jupiter on Jan. 12. The day after, Mars enters your communication zone, which may render you a little less ‘silver-tongued’ than usual until the end of the month. Much anticipated solutions may arrive during the second half of January as your ruling planet, Venus, makes contact with Jupiter and Neptune. This will highlight how you can achieve harmony between work, school, home and everything else that you’re responsible for. Think about your vision for your daily life, Libra. Now is the time to make changes to support the vision for your ideal day. 

Scorpio The Scorpion (October 22-November 21) Ruled by Mars

In the beginning of the New Year, Mars enters Sagittarius, representing financial matters. Mars in Sagittarius tends to burn through money, so it’d be smart to set a budget for yourself this month, and keep some extra cash on hand. After Mercury and the Sun enter Aquarius on Jan. 21, a new moon takes place in that sign on Jan. 24. This is a great time to declutter your belongings. Consider donating or throwing out what you don’t need. As you get rid of physical clutter, you’ll find that it will help clear your mental clutter as well, Scorpio!

Sagittarius The Archer (November 22- December 21) Ruled by Jupiter

You’re starting off the New Year by working hard, Sagittarius! Mars enters your sign of Sagittarius on Jan. 3, which means that you may find yourself flying in many different directions. Since Jupiter is in Capricorn, you might take yourself more seriously than usual. The new moon in Aquarius on Jan. 24 is a good time to begin something new during your everyday routine. Mix up your schedule a bit, you never know what you’ll discover!

Capricorn The Sea-Goat (December 22-January 20) Ruled by Saturn 

In January, there are two major events happening for you, Capricorn! First, on Jan. 12, Saturn (your ruling planet) conjoins with Pluto for the first time in 38 years. These planets are also met by Mercury and the Sun in your own sign of Capricorn. All this means is that it’s time to restructure your life and step into your own power. You may find yourself focused on your identity, priorities and the way you reach your goals. If you’ve felt stuck recently, this is the moment to dig deep and find an alternate route. 

Aquarius The Water Bearer (January 21-February 19) Ruled by Saturn

In the first half of January, Venus visits your sign and a new moon in your sign of Aquarius may have you reevaluating how you appear to people around you. When Mars enters Sagittarius on Jan. 3, it pushes you out of hermit mode and into the social scene. The Cancer full moon eclipse takes place the same week that Uranus goes direct, meaning that something exciting or disruptive may be going on at home or in your family. In other news, happy birthday, Aquarius! It’s your astrological season from Jan. 21 to Feb. 19.

Pisces The Fish (February 20-March 20) Ruled by Jupiter

You’re kicking off the year in the mood for socialization, Pisces! You may be feeling overworked when Mars enters Sagittarius on Jan. 3, but you’ll keep grinding! It’s crucial to set aside time to reflect during the new moon in Aquarius on Jan. 24. Think about the challenges that you beat during 2019. Forget about negativity for a moment and remember what you have already accomplished.