Popular Game Gets Updates

The popular game Among Us has been updated with multiple features

November 14, 2020


Elizabeth Hamby

With the popularity of the game, this is one of the many planned updates, as developers are working to improve the app.

Not only was Nov. 3 abuzz with Election Day; the popular game “Among Us” was updated as well.

In the game, players are either crewmates, who run around the map completing tasks, or an imposter, that kills the crewmates. The crewmates’ job is to finish their tasks,not get killed, and try to deduct who the imposter is. 

The word “sus”, short for suspicious, was developed by players to help vote out the imposter or suspected imposter. One of the many things that are used to determine “sussery” (acting suspicious) is if crewmates branch off from the group voting for a different imposter. The update of the app comes up with a solution to the problem.

Now anonymous voting can be selected for a game, graying out all the crewmates colors when they vote. 

“You can’t see who voted who anymore, I love it,” sophomore Brett Mason said. 

One of the many players of the game, freshman Leilani Green, especially likes the new update for something not as obvious.

“I like that it doesn’t do that annoying thing where it kicks you out randomly,” Green said. 

Another feature included in the updates were symbols added on to the task of fixing wires to accommodate for color blind people.  

The emergency meeting screen has also been updated for when the crewmates report a body or report findings. The crewmates are now illustrated with their hats on their heads. 

It doesn’t sound like much, but freshman Lydia Hamby loves it. 

“I really enjoy being able to identify players by their skin and hats instead of just seeing their crewmate color,” she said.  

With the popularity of the game, this is one of the many planned updates, as developers are working to improve the app. 

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