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Madeline Francis

Sophomore Madeline Francis 

Q: How do you feel about going all virtual?

A: “Not excited because I just got comfortable with my surroundings at school again.”

Q: Do you understand the material you learn when you are virtually learning?

A: “Yes and no. I can teach myself some things but I like the school atmosphere.”

Q: How did you feel when we were in school and people were getting quarantined?

A: “I was nervous and anxious. The process with the tape measure was nerve-wracking, especially since you didn’t know who had it.”

Q: Are you happy with the way the Wentzville School District has handled the coronavirus?

A: “No, because doing hybrid was perfect. We rushed back in.”

Q: Do you think this school year has positively or negatively impacted your grades and mental health?

A: “Negatively for both.”

Q: Is there something you as a student think the district could do to help the students during these times?

A: “Check-in on students, like one on one.”

Q: Would you rather do all virtual, hybrid, or all in person at this time, if you could choose?

A: “Hybrid.”

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