Mrs. Hallemier has been teaching for over 25 years, and has spent eight of them at Liberty.

Hallemeier Takes ‘Teacher of the Year’ Honors

Math teacher Constance Hallemeier is named both the Liberty and the WSD 2020 teacher of the year.

On Nov. 19, math teacher, chair of the LHS math department and NHS sponsor, Mrs. Hallemeier was selected as Liberty’s Teacher of the Year for the 2020-2021 school year. She’s been teaching since 1995, and has been at Liberty for eight. 

Mrs. Hallemeier receives the Wentzville School District’s Teacher of the Year from superintendent Dr. Cain at the school board meeting on Dec. 17. (Wentzville School District)

“Liberty is full of so many truly talented teachers who are deserving of this award.  Knowing they picked me was such a great honor coming from such a wonderful staff,” Hallemeier said.

Hallemeier would receive another recognition as she was announced as the Wentzville School District’s Teacher of the Year at the school board meeting on Dec. 17. This is the second time in her teaching career that she was named the district teacher of the year.

“I am so honored to be selected from all the amazing teachers represented from around the district who engage our students each and every day,” Hallemeier following the announcement. “It’s truly a blessing to work in a district that has such dedicated teachers.”

As the winner of the District Teacher of the Year, Hallemeier is now eligible to compete at the regional and state level in the Missouri Teacher of the Year program, which is conducted annually by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in conjunction with the National Teacher of the Year program.

The rest of the LHS math department gave Hallemeier their congratulations and well wishes:

Mr. Leonard

“Mrs. Hallemeier is an amazing person and educator.  She is always ready to help her students and coworkers with anything they need. Liberty is truly lucky to have such a kind-hearted, influential teacher.”

Mr. Glavin

“Mrs. Hallemeier is the most caring teacher I’ve ever known.  She’s a great choice for teacher of the year.”

Ms. Jacks

“Mrs. Hallemeier is a wonderful colleague who always supports others. She will go out of her way to be helpful, always is searching for new ideas to implement in the classroom, and helps every student she encounters, whether they are her own students or not.  She’s a true leader and I feel very fortunate to work with her.”

Ms. Beck

“Congratulations! You are so deserving of this award. You are so willing to help students and colleagues alike.”

Mr. McFadden

“Congratulations Mrs. Hallemeier on your Teacher of the Year Award.  Nobody is more deserving of this honor.  It’s a privilege to get to work with you and Liberty is lucky to have you.”

Ms. Gault

“All of the teachers who were nominated are excellent and deserving of this award, but I have gotten to witness and learn from Mrs. Hallemeier first hand. She would do (and does) everything to help support her students and other teachers. Her mentorship, kindness, and willingness to always help have shaped me into the teacher I am today. We are so lucky to have her, and congratulations Mrs. Hallem...

Ms. Alcorn

“Besides being an awesome department chair, Constance is an amazing collaborator and mentor.  When teachers are having difficulties reaching students or communicating with challenging parents, Constance always jumps in to help in any way she can. She helps her colleagues navigate the technology journey we are on. As a result, most of her schoolwork is done at home because she consistently has pe...

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