Students dance in front of DJ Wheeler on the patio outside the cafeteria. (Trotter Photo)
Students dance in front of DJ Wheeler on the patio outside the cafeteria.

Trotter Photo

Dreaming In Gold, While Walking Down The Red Carpet

Despite roadblocks and last-minute changes, Student Council hosts a Homecoming to remember

October 13, 2021

The dance. The night all of us students have been waiting for, for over a year now. The current juniors and seniors haven’t had a dance since their freshman and sophomore year, while the current sophomores and freshmen have never even had their first homecoming dance.

This night was very special. Not only due to the obvious teenage experience, but also because this is one of our first physical representations of our world coming back to “normal”. While this dance and year still wasn’t completely back to where it was, and some parts may never be; our new normal seems to be looking pretty good. 

Homecoming weekend did take a rough start by losing our homecoming football game against Washington, but we were still able to keep our spirits high. We took another loss for our parade due to the rain. It sadly got canceled, but people were able to get their beauty sleep for the night.

The dance was originally planned to be on the football field, with no heels. At 3:01 p.m. (4 hours prior to when the dance was supposed to start), students and parents received a notification that in fact the dance would be moved from the football field to the covered patio in the cafeteria, “due to inclement weather.” This wasn’t shocking though, since rain was predicted for the night from about a week before.

Once the dance started, it was time to shine. At about 7:30 p.m. the dance was packed and everyone was dancing. Students got together and created a mosh pit.

When talking to junior Kira Radichel about what her favorite part of her dance was, she responded with “being in the mosh pit with all of my friends, when they played ‘Dancing Queen,’ and we danced in the rain- that was pretty fun.”

Students before the dance were able to submit song requests that were going to be played at the dance. This definitely made the dance more memorable and exciting knowing that the playlist was student-run. Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Hill got to operate the DJ booth and keep the vibes high. Hill said homecoming was “Crazy, fun… and rowdy.” 

“I was excited to see all of the people that I knew,” Radichel explained. “It was also nice to see everybody in a different fashion than what we were used to. To see everybody in a different way.”

Homecoming is the one night of the year where you see people in a way you’ll never see them again. Everybody looked stunning; the kind of stunning where you feel you couldn’t ever forget.

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