New Mural Makes Its Home At the Front Entrance

Large mural features current students and staff and will be replaced every several years


Alix Queen

Mr. Glavin takes a look at the school mural at the entrance of the school.

Taylor Koehnemann, Reporter

Hundreds of students look and pass by a new mural daily at the front entrance of the school. So what makes this mural so unique? It has an interesting backstory. 

The plan is to create a new mural every three years and then archive the previous ones in a separate location in the building (to be determined). Photography and broadcast media students from Mr. Weis’ class were responsible for taking the photos.

“(Assistant principal) Dr. Kiely commissioned the last two mural projects,” Mr. Weis said. “She wanted a display at the main entrance of the building that would catch the eye.  We would discuss various design concepts until we settled on the final version.”

The new mural near the front entrance is positioned in what used to be the trophy case, which contained the many trophies our school has won over the years. They took out the shelves and the trophies and replaced them with a mural.

The mural has three circles and on those circles has people that attend LHS. There is an outer circle with many pictures of students and staff, then another inner circle with more pictures, then one large picture in the middle with a student or staff member. This pattern is repeated two more times, all with different pictures. 

One of the students who helped create the mural is senior Kiersten Baumgartner. When determining what photos to use, they wanted to ensure diversity between the various grade levels of students.

“We would discuss various design concepts until we settled on the final version,” Baumgartner said.

Baumgartner appreciates how she and the other students involved were inspired to make a change. 

The mural was created over the summer so it was ready for when school started. Some of the other people that also helped with this were Mrs. Wilke and Mrs. McCain.