Elli Metschabl poses in front of a castle found on the outside of the City Museum.

Climbing To New Heights

Elizabeth Hamby, Megan Sproull and Elli Metschnabl

Two Americans took our resident German exchange student to the City Museum for a day filled with fun. Elli Metschnabl had never been to it and we spent the day climbing like little kids, scuffing up our knees and sharing laughs with each other. We got a little lost in downtown St. Louis and ended up giving Elli a great view of the Arch to send to her family back home. At the end of the day, we all bought souvenirs to remember our senior skip day. We had so much fun at the museum and ended with Starbucks and Sproull driving us home. A Walmart trip was also made to buy some half-price Easter candy and the day was over. I went on to go for a nice little walk in the nice weather following a hot air balloon that was landing in their neighborhood. Overall, a success of a day. 

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