A group of seniors went to Marcus Theatres and saw the “Lost City.”

Movies, Milkshakes, & Much Needed Sleep 

Athena Widlacki, Mahathi Manikandan, and Sanjana Anand

These girls enjoyed sleeping in until 11 a.m. on their senior skip day, and then caught a movie later in the day. They took advantage of the $5 Tuesday tickets at Marcus Theaters to watch the new movie “The Lost City.”

“I haven’t been to the movies in a while so it was nice to enjoy it with friends,” Widlacki said.

Widlacki also talks about how funny the movie was.

“It was really good! We felt bad because we were laughing too loud though,” Widlacki said. 

The four girls ended the day with some milkshakes from Red Robin. 

Widlacki ended her day by going out to dinner with her brother Ian, at Town Square.

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