Senior Ally Schniepp poses with her boyfriend Evan Mantz before a day spent outside.

Healing The Inner Child 

Ally Schniepp and (Liberty alum) Evan Mantz

Schniepp spent the day with her boyfriend for her Senior Skip Day, and ended up going to Boulevard Park. 

“[I] went to the park with my boyfriend and did a little picnic, then played on the playground,” she explained. 

Mantz spoke on how beautiful and enjoyable the day was. 

“The day was very fun and I enjoyed it thoroughly. We got really lucky that her senior skip day was very beautiful outside instead of just staying inside,” Mantz said. 

Schniepp agreed and also enjoyed the day spent with her boyfriend. 

“I always love spending time with him (…) It definitely beat sitting inside looking at the nice weather out the window,” Schniepp said. 

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