Getting to Know Our Administrators

With October being National Principals Month, get to know Liberty’s administrators


Sydney Davis

October celebrates National Principals month, our six administrators are: Ed Nelson, Cary Eldredge, Lindsay Kiely, Steve Pryor, Matt Kiesel, and Stan Schumacher.

Rynell Ipema and Sydney Davis

It’s National Principals Month and here at Liberty our administrators work so hard to keep our school perfectly aligned and running well. So let’s get to know a little more about them.

Dr. Nelson

Dr. Nelson

Ed Nelson had been Liberty’s principal for eight years.

“Before that I was an assistant principal for six years,” he said. “Before becoming an assistant principal, I was a special education teacher.”

Nelson loves being a building principal because he gets to help students, parents, teachers, and staff.

If Nelson were to pick any other principal here at Liberty to take over your job for one week, he said column’t choose anyone specifically because each of the principals have many different and great attributes that they bring to the table.

Dr. Pryor

Dr. Pryor

Steve Pryor’s educational background and why he became a principal began with having a bachelor’s of science in history, a master’s of educational administration, and an educational specialist degree in curriculum and instruction.

Pryor stated, “I became a principal to have a greater impact on more students in a school. I enjoy helping others and wanted to become a role model for students and staff.”

Pryor hopes to bring a positive culture to a school. “I want our students and staff to know they are valued and loved. I want to demonstrate a commitment to being at your job and welcoming all stakeholders into our building on a daily basis.

Pryor didn’t choose a favorite class/grade. “I don’t have a favorite, like my own kids – everyone has value and worth.”

Dr. Kiely

Dr. Kiely

Lindsay Kiely said she typically wakes up around 5:13 a.m., if not slightly before.

In three words to describe herself based on her colleagues, she said, “They would describe me as kind, organized, and communicative.”

Advice Kiely would give to first year teachers includes embracing the unknown and being positive. 

“Each day for the next 30 years you may leave the doors with more questions than answers. Learn from these questions and frustrating experiences and stay positive,” Kiely stated. “Your students will be more engaged when they are encouraged and feel a sense of belonging within your class. Their futures depend on your kindness and encouragement.”

Dr. Kiesel

Dr. Kiesel

Matt Kiesel has been an administrator for 7 years. He wanted to continue to support and foster the academic and personal growth of all students, with the goal of developing all Liberty High School students into successful adults. 

When asked what makes a student, teacher or administrator successful, he answered, “I feel everyone at LHS is successful when they have the confidence to try new things and when they are eager to get involved in their entire high school experience.” 

Kiesel believes all students, teachers, and administrators are successful when they commit every day to being kind and trying new things.

Kiesel enjoys watching all the sports compete at LHS. 

“My favorite is watching a close game where LHS gets the victory. The excitement and thrill of a close game are awesome to watch.”

Mr. Schumacher

Mr. Schumacher

Stan Schumacher wanted to become an administrator specifically at Liberty because he loves the school. 

“I am thankful to become an administrator because I have an opportunity to help so many more students reach their goals,” he remarked. Schumacher mentioned how much he is loving the new role and how appreciative he is of everyone that supports him through the transition from teacher to administrator.

When asked what important role he plays at Liberty that benefits others, Schumacher stated that, “the administrators at Liberty all work together to make our school a great place for students and staff. We focus on helping everyone feel like they belong and are part of our Liberty family.”

“I have so many great friends and colleagues at Liberty that it is impossible to pick one,” Schumacher states. “I love everyone on our staff at Liberty because of how much they care about each other and our students.”

Mr. Eldredge

Mr. Eldredge

Cary Eldredge enjoys being an administrator because “I feel like my work can impact the entire school. In addition to sports, we can provide opportunities for everyone to have a connection to the school. I dislike that I don’t have the time to be at everything all the time.”

Some students and staff may know that he has a famous family member, country music singer Brett Eldredge. “I am really proud of my cousin and how he has worked hard to make his dreams come true.” 

He said his favorite thing about being an administrator was being able to attend games, and seeing the teams compete, no matter the sport.