All-State Band Players

Two students achieve great marks as musicians

January 27, 2023


Wentzville School District

Jordan Brown and his tuba.

All-State Band is a huge achievement and honor for young musicians. It is a chance for them to show everyone what they are capable of and for the musicians who want a future career in music this is a wonderful opportunity.

One of Wentzville’s only students to make it was Liberty’s Jordan Brown. As a young child, Jordan loved working with music and it was at the age of 11 years-old that he found a fascination. Now as a senior at the age of 18 he has made it to All-State. When Jordan was asked about the role music has on his life he responded by saying, “it is absolutely a dream.” For the audition, Jordan had to create an original composition piece with one sample provided to him and then one of his own. The selection was then made and Jordan was one of the few students chosen.

Jordan was selected for “The Collective”, which is a group of fifthteen students who were chosen from all across the state to come together, write twelve songs alongside professionals, and perform in front of a huge audience. For “The Collective” Jordan was the first ever to be put in the category Producer/Beatmaker. Jordan puts down drum beats over the music that they create. This experience will definitely help Jordan achieve his dream in a music career.

Jordan was not the only Liberty student to be recognized during auditions though. The senior, Ben Young, was also complimented on his work during the audition and even though he didn’t make it to the All-State he still feels “honored.” Ben started playing music in the sixth grade when he joined band class and then in seventh grade is when he found his instrument the baritone saxophone. While Ben finds music to be more of a hobby than a dream he still hopes to “keep playing for the rest of his life.”

These students have proved that hard work definitely pays off. Jordan and Ben were both recognized as great musicians all because of how far they have come. This experience has definitely helped their love of music grow.

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