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Junior Kylee Velcheck bumps the ball to save the point from going to the opposing team.

Mission: Keeping 10

JV volleyball player impelled to carrying out her sister's legacy as player number 10

February 16, 2023

Junior Kylee Velcheck is following in her sister’s footsteps by playing jersey number 10. 

I picked the number 10 because of my sister, she played number 10, and she graduated last year. It was always her number,” she said. 

Velcheck’s older sister inspired her to play volleyball. “I’m kind of following in her footsteps,” she continued. 

Velcheck and her sister are still close despite her graduating. “We were closer before she went to college, so now she’ll come home for the summer, and we’ll get close again. It’s kind of an off and on switch. When she leaves, it turns off a little,” she added.

I picked the number 10 because of my sister, she played number 10,”

— Kylee Velcheck

Velcheck believes she started playing sometime around 4th grade. She plays both at school and on a club volleyball team. Club season is during the winter time, while the school’s season is during fall. 

“The coaches are really great. It’s a good atmosphere, everyone kind of knows everyone,” she said.

“With high school, you’re practicing every day after school, so I feel like you build relationships really quickly with the people. You see them a lot, and on the volleyball court,” Velcheck said. 

She mentioned she has gained a lot of experiences, lessons, and visited various places because of playing volleyball. “You get to stay in hotels with people, you’re not playing all day so sometimes you go out and do fun stuff, team bonding. It’s really fun,” Velcheck expressed.

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