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Class President Reese Ramler (12) ran for her position with the goal of giving the Class of 2023 a memorable senior year.

Reese Ramler

Senior Reese Ramler ran for class president with a goal to make the final year of high school memorable for the Class of 2023. Together with the class vice president, Rhett Cunningham, Ramler was able to implement various events and practices that catered to the needs of the senior class.

“[We] instituted the post-senior sunrise lunch celebration and the senior decision Instagram page to see where classmates are going after high school.” Ramler states, “As the year comes to an end, big things are coming for decision day and senior sunset. I hope the events we organized this year carry forward as Liberty traditions.”

Ramler’s efforts have also contributed to creating a special and inclusive environment within the senior class committee – fostering innovation, creativity and expression without fear of judgment. According to Ramler, she hopes that this environment has played a vital role in encouraging the collective spirit of the senior class committee.

Ramler often draws inspiration from her mother’s exuberant personality, strength, confidence and unwavering willingness to take on new challenges. Despite any obstacles that come her way, Ramler’s mother remains a constant source of motivation and encouragement, inspiring her to reach beyond what she thought was possible.

She expresses, “I am lucky enough to have many female role models in my life, but my biggest inspiration is none other than my wonderful mom. She is the one I think of when things get tough and the person who motivates me to do more than I thought I could. My mom is not only my biggest inspiration; she is my biggest cheerleader.”

Ramler believes that celebrating the achievements of women in leadership positions is crucial in challenging gender stereotypes and inspiring future generations of women to pursue leadership roles. As she points out, “Historically, women have faced significant obstacles in attaining leadership roles, and their achievements were either overlooked or palliated. Celebrating the contributions of women in leadership can help to contest gender stereotypes and inspire future generations of women to seek leadership positions.”

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