Students show off their eggs and how they decorate their children. (K Queen)
Students show off their eggs and how they decorate their children.

K Queen

An Eggciting Eggsperiment

Students in AP Psychology were required to care for an egg for a week

February 6, 2020

Have you seen students carrying around raw eggs? Have you seen eggs in jars, cups, even fanny packs? You are probably wondering why these students act as if the eggs are their children. These students in AP Psychology were given a task: keep an egg safe and protected for nine days while taking 10 pictures each day of the egg. 

“I take it with me everywhere and make sure I have either my eyes or have a friend watch it to make sure it’s always in good hands,” said senior Zach Kerns when asked on how he keeps his egg safe. Students have trouble balancing taking care of an egg while also having to keep up in school and working for hours at a time. 

submitted by Annalisa Kercher
Students had to care for their egg throughout the day, even taking it to the pep assembly.

“We are doing a unit about child development, going from the womb to the tomb, and one of those stages is parenthood. It’s a way to simulate the responsibilities of parenthood,” psychology teacher Mr. Barker said.

“Mr. Evans, the science teacher, gave me the idea to put [my egg] in a fanny pack,” senior Annalisa Kercher said. Many students came up with very unique ways to keep their eggs safe, such as fanny packs, jars stuffed with cotton balls and even making fake feet for the egg to use.

Another issue students have to face is keeping their egg safe from bounty hunters. Students put out a hit on an egg and if someone breaks it, they receive the bounty which can be between $10 to $50. 

And for students who break their egg, they have to face the challenge of cleaning up a leftover scrambled mess that was once their child – which can be proven gruesome when dropped from high heights or hit by heavy materials. 

Hopefully, no one got their eggs scrambled through this project, and if they didn’t then maybe the egg doesn’t fall far from the hen. And here’s one egg pun to get you through the day: what day do eggs hate the most? Fry-day. 

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