Kelly Karre (12) and Carly Torbit (11) hold a decoration from Ms. Holmes’ surprise bridal shower. (Sruthi Ramesh )
Kelly Karre (12) and Carly Torbit (11) hold a decoration from Ms. Holmes’ surprise bridal shower.

Sruthi Ramesh

Surprise! Ms. Holmes is Getting Married

Student Council members threw a surprise bridal shower for their sponsor Ms. Holmes

May 20, 2021

Ms. Holmes is getting married on June 11, and her Student Council class decided to throw a surprise bridal shower for her. The StuCo students told their teacher that they were celebrating May birthdays so she had no reason to expect a surprise bridal shower.

I was obviously very surprised. I saw the sign that said ‘Best Wishes Mrs. Shafer’ on the outside of my room, which is still very weird to see my new last name instead of Holmes,” Ms. Holmes said. 

Student Council surprises Ms. Holmes with a surprise bridal shower. (Sruthi Ramesh)

Senior Emily Brockmann organized the shower with the help of her classmates. They decided on a date a couple of months back and then started collecting money for food, decorations, and a gift. 

 “We went with a ring theme so used colors like blue, gold, and white for all of the decor. Everything was done in secret without Ms. Holmes knowing,” Brockmann shared. 

The shower was not only to celebrate Ms. Holmes but for StuCo to show their appreciation for their sponsor. The bridal shower allowed students to hang out, eat food and have fun in light of Ms. Holmes getting married. 

“The surprise made me feel very grateful. Student Council holds a very special place in my heart and after going through this really hard year, I’m just very grateful that we can all come together, have fun, and celebrate. This group means so much to me,” Holmes expressed. 

In the end, the surprise bridal shower was a success and warmed the hearts of Student Council members and Ms. Holmes soon to be Mrs. Shafer. 

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