Sophomores make their way across the bridge, to make up for the bridge walk that they didn’t have their freshman year. (Alix Queen)
Sophomores make their way across the bridge, to make up for the bridge walk that they didn’t have their freshman year.

Alix Queen

Underclassmen Continue Liberty Tradition

Sophomores get the bridge walk that they were robbed of last school year, and freshman begin their high school careers

August 24, 2021

The culture at Liberty consists of a plethora of events and traditions that take place each year. One of the most important is the freshman bridge walk, which students and staff were able to participate in once again on Aug. 24. Each new year, freshmen walk over the bridge to symbolize their adventure beginning at Liberty High School.

Due to COVID-19 and hybrid learning at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, the bridge walk was unable to happen. This was disappointing to the then-incoming freshmen, the class of 2024. Luckily with this upcoming school year, things have come to a new normal. As time continues, we see more and more activities return to Liberty.

Coach Wheeler, Mr. Hill and Dr. Kiely lead the bridge walk on a golf cart. (Monica Reyes)

With the 2021-2022 school year, the bridge walk still looks a little different. Because the sophomores were unable to participate in the bridge walk during their freshman year, they were allowed to do so this year alongside the freshman class. Sophomores walked the bridge first, followed by freshmen.

For some sophomores, this is their first year attending in-person at Liberty. Abriana Zavattieri (10) explains the anxieties that come with her first day of school. “I was virtual last year,” she begins. “It’s flabbergasting. I don’t know where to go, or like, who to talk to. It’s okay, it’s just scary.” 

Zavattieri goes on to explain that while the initial shock of beginning school in a new environment can be overwhelming, there are already aspects to Liberty that have caught her eye. “The teachers are amazing,” she adds. “The school is a lot easier to navigate now that I know my classes and where to go.” 

One thing that freshmen and sophomores both agreed on was how brutal the heat was during the bridge walk. Despite the blazing heat of 95°F, students and staff were happy to see the Eagles’ tradition make a return. Freshman Avery Bowen summarizes, “I felt totally welcomed in this humble community of Liberty.”

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