One Week Left

Now that senior finals are over, many students are left wondering what to do with themselves

Paige Bostic, Executive Videographer

Bored in class with nothing to do? Try these! (Paige Bostic)

As the seniors walked over the bridge last Friday, a chapter of LHS history hit the books. But now that the seniors are gone, the classes they left behind are left to their own devices. 

“I like having extra time in class. I enjoy it more if I have friends in the class but either way, I prefer it overworking the entire time,” junior Rachel Geisler explained.

For some students, the extra time is a blessing, where they can choose what to do with their extra time.

“Most of the time, I’ll watch Netflix or Hulu or something on my phone,” Geisler said. “If I like the people in my class I’ll talk to them too.” 

However, many other students find the boredom to be crushing as they wait out the clock. Other students look for some variety from the typical classroom schedule. 

“I just leave and I go to [another teacher’s] room,” junior Amber Stein said. 

If you find yourself wondering what to do, consider the following!