Liberty Legacies: Blake Phillips

A look into where one of Liberty’s alumni is today


submitted by Blake Phillips

Blake Phillips in his news report of the 2022 election of the state senate race.

Lilly Brown, Reporter

There are many past students of Liberty High School. Some have been very impacted by their years at the school.

Blake Phillips was a part of Liberty’s first graduating class. Most could say he was very involved with the school. He was part of theater, the debate program, and Student Council.

“Blake was one of those students who was overflowing with charisma and just needed to figure out where to direct his energy and drive,” theater teacher Mrs. Melissa Gehrke said.

Phillips currently is at his final year of his undergrad at Mizzou working on his degree in broadcast journalism. Along with that, he has a minor in both political science and Spanish.

One aspect of the program at Mizzou has Phillips working at their school affiliated news station, KOMU 8 News. KOMU is an associate with NBC and has a wide viewership area for Mid-Missouri.

“I report weekly and get the opportunity to cover a wide range of topics,” Phillips explains.

He even got the opportunity to cover the state senate race of the 2022 election.

Phillips decked out for a Hawaiian themed football game back in his high school days.

Phillips wasn’t involved with the Liberty publications program. However, he did have another opportunity.

“I had opportunities to work with Coach Dan Wheeler and [former counselor] Todd Gieselmann around sports games. I felt at this time, this is where I wanted to be,” Phillips says.

Phillips also was a part of Student Council where StuCo teacher Mrs. Lindsey Shafer helped develop teamwork skills. She encouraged them to become leaders and to work well as a team.

“I use the lessons I learned from her daily,” Phillips states.

He was also a part of the debate and theater programs with Mrs. Gehrke. He says that it really helped him prepare to be on screen.

“He wasn’t a student who knew what he wanted to do when he was in high school. He was searching for where he belonged. But now that he’s found it, it is amazing to watch him succeed and use that charisma and presence for something so positive,” Gehrke states.

Phillips has found his path and can thank Liberty High School for the amazing opportunities he’s had since.