The Future of Liberty Football

Sixth grade Junior Liberty football team goes undefeated all season, and takes their second Super Bowl win


Ella Quinney

Sixth grade Junior Eagles football and cheer pose with their Super Bowl trophy after winning.

Ella Quinney, Reporter

We all know that the LHS varsity football team isn’t at the top of the list, however, the sixth grade junior team is. On Saturday, Nov. 5, they won their league championship game, 41-25. They played Fort Zumwalt North, a worthy and formidable team. Winning was not an easy feat, it was a hard-fought victory with lots of ups and downs.

The first score in the game was by FZN, putting them up seven points. LHS fought back bringing the score to 21-19 at halftime. This was much closer than the team or coaches wanted, and after a huddle they stepped it up even more.

Quarterback Tys Scheulen avoids a tackle, and runs to score a touchdown. (Ella Quinney)

Number seven, Tys Scheulen, the quarterback shows promise, scoring a majority of the points made in the game, and earning MVP honors.

Once the game was won, there was no stopping the excitement of the players or coaches. After photos with the trophy, the team gathered in a huddle, for some postgame inspiration. 

In the huddle, head defensive coach Kevin Terrell said, “On this day, you are champs, you are undefeated, you achieved every goal you had; and that’s pretty awesome.” And this is a pretty awesome victory especially since they are the first junior Eagles team to win the Super Bowl back-to-back.

LHS Junior Katelynn Larson shown wearing an Eagle costume in honor of her twin brothers Kaden(99) and Jackson(18). (Ella Quinney)

When asked if he expected to be back here with another win next year, the head coach Tom Scheulen said, “I hope so. You know what, let’s put it this way, we expect to.”

The players agree with him as well. Number 48, Jacob Quinney, said, “I think that we will win again because we have a lot more energy and stamina than the other teams.”

The future of Liberty football seems to be in good hands with the sixth grade team planning on a back-to-back to back win. We’ll see if their hopes, and expectations are met in another year at the next Super Bowl.