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Brianna Rowland winds up and pitches the ball to the plate.

Inspired 9 to 10

Softball player ignites her love for the sport, sparked by her older sister

February 16, 2023

Junior Brianna Rowland was inspired by her older sister to play softball.

While her older sister played number seven, she found a way to make her own impact. “I’m originally number nine but for high school I play 10 because we don’t have a nine,” Rowland said.

I loved watching her when I was growing up, and I just wanted to do it too.”

— Brianna Rowland

Though when she was younger, she played number 10, “It’s kind of like my second favorite number.”

Her love for the sport blossomed from her sister playing softball as she loved watching her when she was growing up. She continued, “I just wanted to do it too.”

Rowland loves the team and goes on to say, “We have played together since we were in 6th grade on a feeder team. We’re all just really close and we work really well together.”

She added that by playing, everything just kind of goes away when she is out on the field. Rowland said, “All the stress you’ve had, and just being able to hang out with your friends and doing the things you love, it’s amazing.”

Rowland also likes that in high school, you are playing with your friends. “It’s just getting that connection with them and knowing you all have the same interest, it’s way better.”

Outside of Liberty’s team, she plays for a travel team where she gets the opportunity to go to different states and play in a lot of tournaments. Rowland stated, “You have to work for it and you have to make sure you know what you’re doing.”

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