The ‘Beautiful Things’ in Music

A wide review of artist Benson Boone’s new song ‘Beautiful Things’
Members of the LHS Publication staff pose with promotional flyers sent from Benson Boone.
Members of the LHS Publication staff pose with promotional flyers sent from Benson Boone.
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Benson Boone is an up-and-coming artist who has gained an immense amount of popularity off of social media. Boone auditioned for American Idol in 2021 and even made it to top 24, but ended up dropping out. He continued to gain popularity and has reached 16 million monthly listeners on Spotify. 

As a way to gain popularity, Boone has sent promotional flyers to high school publications around the country to review his new song “Beautiful Things.”

“Beautiful Things” is a pop song about expressing love for things in life, but the nervous feeling of losing those beautiful things. The song has gained popularity and has reached #9 in the USA on Spotify. 

The key to a good song are good lyrics and Boone has that down to a T. Added with emotion in his voice, you can hear all of the pain and yearning.

The song starts off with a very melancholy sound. The sound of a man healing. About a minute in, the entire atmosphere and tone of the song changes. What was a sad song transforms into a heartfelt rock ballad. It is here that the true desperation peaks through.

We enjoyed the mix between the slow and fast pauses in the song and thought it was very creative and a different take. 

However, we believe that the theme of the song is incredibly overused in music and we enjoyed the chorus more. We do like that he is open about his religion and how the rock part changes to him chanting to God instead of his partner. Many people could relate to this even if they aren’t that religious.

We feel his voice shows and sounds how he feels about his lyrics. Boone has a great voice and can go into many different octaves, which can catch the attention of the listener. 

We would recommend this song to anyone who likes someone like Charlie Puth or any other male pop artist.

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