A show visitor enjoys glow-in-the-dark artwork on May 4.
A show visitor enjoys glow-in-the-dark artwork on May 4.
Henry Sartain

Creativity That Glows

This year’s art show embraces a bright and bold aesthetic

A unique arrangement of student-body artwork was set up in the atrium/auditorium and open to the public from 5-7 p.m. on May 4.

When walking into the atrium, viewers were greeted with general artwork of all kinds–paintings, drawings, ceramics, both realistic and abstract. A TV was even set up to display digital photographs taken by students. Walking into the auditorium led to a completely different experience, though, almost a different show.

“The idea for the show is to have the theme ‘glow,’” art teacher Mrs. Biere said. “’Glow’ was initially thought of by theater production, and all of us agreed that that would be a perfect theme for this huge show we were doing.”

Through the use of black lights and glow-in-the-dark paint, many students were able to incorporate a bright, bold neon effect into their art. Works of art hung from the ceiling on stage–paintings of animals, people, and abstract subjects as well. Putting on a show of this caliber is a large undertaking, requiring a lot of forethought and manual labor.

“We’ve been planning this show since November, and we’ve been talking about it with our students as much as we can since then,” Mrs. Biere said. “There’s so many different things that come together, such as making name tags for the artwork and figuring out where it’s going to be displayed.”

This show didn’t, however, only represent physical artwork. Benches were set up on stage for viewers to enjoy various performances, both vocal and instrumental.

“I enjoy singing Õhtul a lot,” said Patrick Stankovich, a member of Chamber Choir. “It’s just a beautiful piece. I saw some people in the audience crying.”

The art show presents an opportunity to appreciate an aspect of the student-body other than athletics or academics. It celebrates the creativity of the students–their visions and expressions.

“We have amazing students,” Mrs. Biere said. “We’re lucky that we have people that take our classes so that we can showcase what our students can do. I feel like I have very little to do with their talent. They come in here with dedication and it shows in their artwork. I’m super, super proud.”

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Henry Sartain, Reporter
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