WSD Board of Education Reveals Name of New High School

By popular demand, Fourth High School is Named ‘North Point’


Wentzville School District YouTube Channel

North Point was made possible by Proposition E, a $125 million no-tax increase bond issue for projects such as the new high school.

More than 260 name and mascot suggestions were submitted by students and families. After multiple surveys and long discussion, the Wentzville School District Board of Education approved the naming of the new high school on Sept 17, as “North Point High School”, Home of the Grizzlies.

“It was an easy decision when the most popular name was North Point High School and when the most popular mascot submitted was a grizzly,” principal Amanda Shelmire said.

The name, mascot, and colors were revealed at the Board Meeting in the Liberty Auditorium, this past Thursday. And just only a few weeks ago, the principal of the school was announced as Dr. Amanda Shelmire. She has been the assistant principal at Holt High School for the past eight years. 

The high school is currently under construction at the corner of North Point Prairie Road & West Meyer Road, in Wentzville. NPHS will be the third public school in Wentzville, the fourth high school in WSD, and the 22nd school building within the Wentzville School District.

Principal Amanda Shelmire shows framed photo of North Point High School & its Mascot. (Wentzville School District)

The Wentzville School District has been the fastest-growing school district in Missouri for over 20 years, and has added an average of 600 students each school year since 2001. In fact, there are currently 173,000 K-12 students combined. Because of this influx of population, building numbers have been on the rise as well- beyond capacity. 

North Point was made possible by Proposition E, a $125 million no-tax increase bond issue for projects such as a new high school (North Point), new elementary school (Journey Elementary), additions at Peine Ridge Elementary, Barfield Early Childhood Special Education Center, and a new second gym at Holt High School. Passing of the proposal led to the land purchase of 108.9 acres of land, upon which the 310,000 square foot high school is now being built.

When speaking on the new school boundaries, superintendent Dr. Curtis Cain said, “At the end of the day, all WSD students will be in a school where the bar is set high and where our phenomenal educators will ensure every child has the tools they need to be successful.”

The building is scheduled to open in August 2021, accepting grades 9th to 11th.