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  • May 16 / Girls Varsity SoccerLiberty High School - 0, St. Dominic - 1
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Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Key Club Farewell

Key Club members celebrate the year and say their goodbyes to the seniors

The end of the school year is a bittersweet thing. While summer is just around the corner, so are the final high school days of the seniors. Key Club is no exception. 

On Thursday, May 2, was the last Key Club meeting of the year. Not only did Key Club celebrate the year, but also said goodbye to seniors, who would not be returning next year.

“Key Club will never be the same once they’re gone,” sophomore Rathi Thiagarajan said. From first walking in you can immediately see all the work put in to make this last meeting fun. There were decorations and refreshments. On the way in there is even a path to walk on made up of footprints.

Emma Thomas (top) and Aubrey McClelland (bottom) show their friendship. (Brielle Vassel)

After announcements, it came time to celebrate the seniors. The newly elected club president, Loukya Vaka, and Vice President, Lorelei Wise announced the seniors. The seniors then came up to get their certificate recognizing that they were in the club, and if you had been in the key club for four years you get a graduation cord that you wear at graduation honoring their dedication to the club. 

After honoring the seniors, they moved on to a treasure hunt that the club had prepared. They had to use clues to get to one of two locations. There they got a goodie bag and a bingo board. From there, they went back to the classroom and played a game of bingo run by the president and vice president. Each square of the bingo board was a senior’s name. Once the game had come to an end, members got the opportunity to go up and say a few words if they wanted to, whether they be seniors speaking about their experiences, or underclassmen congratulating the seniors. This led to a very sweet end to the final meeting of the year.

Key Club will miss the seniors but wishes them luck.

“I will miss being able to ask them for advice,” sophomore Ella Quiney said. Wherever the future takes them, their impact on Key Club will never be forgotten. 

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Brielle Vassel
Brielle Vassel, Reporter
Brielle Vassel is a freshman, and this is her first year in journalism class. This is also her first year as a member of the high school drumline, as a snare drum player. In her free time she enjoys reading, playing video games and hanging out with friends. She plays piano and loves music. She is a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints.

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