10/19/20- #clickoftheweek

Students conduct a titration lab in Mrs. Beierman's AP Chemistry class.

October 23, 2020

According to Dr. Lindsay Kiely,

10/12/20- #clickoftheweek

October 15, 2020

Mrs. McFadden's Intro to Clothing and Textiles class learns how to sew masks.

10/5/20- #clickoftheweek

October 9, 2020

For picture day, all students were asked to write their name in big print on a sheet of paper, for Trotter staff to be able to easily identify people with minimal contact. Pictured: Chloyee Jones (9)

9/28/20- #clickoftheweek

October 1, 2020

Mrs. Pizzo's Culinary Arts class makes sweet treats, such as cookies & cinnamon rolls.

9/21/20- #clickoftheweek

September 25, 2020

Starting pitcher Sarah Bowman (10) fires a pitch, in a game against Fort Zumwalt East.

9/14/20- #clickoftheweek

September 17, 2020

On Feb 11, HOSA held its biannual Blood Drive, allowing LHS students and staff members to help save lives. In total, 80+ donations were made that day.

2/24/20- #clickoftheweek

February 27, 2020

2/17/20- #clickoftheweek

2/17/20- #clickoftheweek

February 20, 2020

Senior Maggie Merz works on a project in her

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February 5, 2020

Braden Bond (11) looks through a microscope during a lab in his Medical Interventions class.

1/27/20- #clickoftheweek

January 28, 2020

1/13/20- #clickoftheweek

1/13/20- #clickoftheweek

January 15, 2020

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