Senior Boys Compete in Annual Mr. LHS Pageant

Seven seniors compete for the titles of Mr. LHS & Mr. Congeniality. Competing in a wide range of challenges they each showed their own flare for this intense competition.
The seven runner ups for Mr. LHS open the show with a group dance to show off what is to come during the show.
The seven runner ups for Mr. LHS open the show with a group dance to show off what is to come during the show.
Caitlin McDonnell
Mr. LHS winner Kaden Kargacin after accepting his sash and crown. (Anna Simms)

Seven seniors competed for the title of Mr. LHS this year, a tradition that had to wait a couple of weeks from its scheduled date.

Severe storms delayed the pageant from its original date of May 8 to during NEST time on May 23.

Kaden Kargacin, Mr. Soccer, won the Mr. LHS title, captivating not only the judges but also the students, as he had also won Mr. Congeniality. Courtney Jefferson, Mr. Track & Field, better known as CJ, won Mr. Congeniality as runner up against Kargacin.

The other seniors loved participating in this competition.

“I was really looking forward to hopefully winning the competition and just looking forward to ending the year on a great note,” Mr. Student Body, Brayden Schnurbusch said.

This competition also brought out the nerves for the seniors as they all wanted to win the title of Mr. LHS.

Ending the year with this competition was one way to end the school year off with a banger this goes for seniors who did or even did not participate.

Students loved Kargacin’s performances, the other competitors took note of this throughout their performances.

Most of the seniors noted that their biggest competition was Kargacin.

When asked who was the biggest competitor, some opponents had opinions about Kargacin.

“Definitely Kaden, like he really brought the thunder, you know, his fake piano playing and his jig. I was like, ‘no, there’s no chance, I got no chance.’ He deserved it,” Mr. Theatre, Connor Higlen stated. 

Allowing seniors to have this one last tradition before they have to end their high school career is something they’ll never forget. It’s fun and brings something to look forward to at the end of the school year.

There’s so much creativity and a lot of time you’ve got to put into creating your talents.”

— Kaden Kargacin (12)

All of the seniors showed off a varying of categories but the highlight of the evening was the talent show portion. Each senior showed off their best talents during the competition. This is the part of the show that truly captivated the audience and set who would win based on the reactions. Kargacin ended up “playing the piano” which was revealed to be fake as he then decided to start Irish Jigging on stage, wowing the crowd. Mr. Congeniality, Jefferson performed his own rap which he had composed and written himself for the talent portion, which hyped up the crowd. 

This year was a year to remember for Mr. LHS, even with the postponed show due to complications with weather, the boys came to give their all, winner or not.

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