First Day of School Assembly & Bridgewalk

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  • Senior Kaitlyn Hudson (left) and junior Molly Morris smile for the picture at the assembly.

  • The freshmen class makes their way towards the bridge for their official introduction to high school.

  • Mr. Nelson talks to students at the first day of school assembly.

  • Freshmen walk into a new chapter of their lives as they complete the bridgewalk on the first day of their high school experience Aug. 13.

    Suzanne Altheimer

  • (left to right) Faith Barnes, Allison Apollo, Elektra Lowe and Vincent Jarus listen to Mr. Nelson as he encouraged freshmen to be respectful students while at Liberty.

  • Jaylie Givens (center) talks and laughs with Ella Murphy at the bridgewalk.

  • Freshman Charley Orf laughs with friends on her first day of school.

  • The freshman class is one of the largest freshmen classes in Liberty history.

  • Waving to the camera, on the first day of school.

  • Cheerleaders prepare for their routine during their performance at the first day assembly.

  • Freshman Ryan Castillo makes his way across the bridge on his first day of high school.

  • Freshmen cheerleaders lead the way for the freshman class in the annual bridgewalk.

  • Hailey Forck, Bella Bahr and Kylie Bernet dances at the first day of school assembly.

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