Week 6 NFL Picks

Hot Takes makes their week 6 predictions


Sruthi Ramesh

(Left to Right) Patrick Lynch, Andrew Hanson, and Jaxin Osinski are the hosts of “Hot Takes.”

Andrew Hanson, Patrick Lynch, and Jaxin Osinski

Week 6 of this unusual NFL season should be a great one. Andrew, Patrick and Jaxin make their picks for the week.

Texans vs. Titans

Andrew: Texans; I think this is the upset of the week and the Texans rally around the new coach and pick up another win.

Patrick: Titans; Don’t think the Texans have it all put together yet.

Jaxin: After the way they played against the Bills I have Tennessee. 

Ravens vs. Eagles

Andrew: Ravens; No Brainer.

Jaxin: Ravens; they gotta keep up with the good teams in the AFC.

Patrick: Ravens; Eagles have no shot here.

Falcons vs. Vikings

Andrew: Falcons; This game is terrible so I flipped a coin and chose Falcons.

Jaxin: After a rough ending last week in Seattle even with Dalvin Cook out I think Minnesota wins.

Patrick: Vikings; hard to justify since both these teams are terrible but I had to pick someone.

Browns vs. Steelers

Andrew: Browns; I think this is Game of the Week and the Browns barely edge out the Steelers.

Patrick: Browns; the Browns are my sleeper team this season and I think they can put this one together.

Jaxin: Steelers; they are the most underrated team in football.

Bengals vs. Colts

Andrew: Colts.

Jaxin: The Colts defense is going to be to much for the Bengals.

Patrick: Colts; strong offense all around and a defense the bengals won’t be able to handle.

Lions vs. Jags

Andrew: Lions; Another terrible game but I think the Lions are slightly better.

Jaxin: I think Matt Stafford gets going and the Lions win.

Patrick: Jaguars; I’m still on board for Minshew Mania.

Bears vs. Panthers

Andrew: Panthers; I think the Panthers win in a low scoring game.

Patrick: Bears; I agree that it will be a low scoring game, but the Bears are gonna pull this one out.

Jaxin: Panthers are on a winning streak and Nick Foles has not been playing good football I got Carolina.

Washington Football Team vs. Giants

Andrew: Giants; This really is the worst game this week and I got the Giants picking up their first win.

Jaxin: I think Giants finally get a win.

Patrick: Washington; The Giants are literally the worst team in the league.

Broncos vs. Patriots

Andrew: Patriots; If Drew lock plays this might be Broncos.

Jaxin: Cam Newton is back I think the Patriots win.

Patrick: Patriots; If Newton plays the Patriots will win big. 

Jets vs. Dolphins

Andrew: Dolphins; Jets are the worst.

Jaxin: Fitzmagic is going to have a big day Dolphins win big.

Patrick: Dolphins; they look strong right now and the Jets don’t at all.

Packers vs. Bucs

Andrew: Packers; The best team in the NFL remains undefeated.

Jaxin: Aaron Rodgers is playing unbelievable and his best weapon is back Packers win.

Patrick: Bucs; I think Brady still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Rams vs. 49ers

Andrew: 49ers; Bounce back week.

Jaxin: Rams the 49ers are no longer that NFC championship team.

Patrick: Rams; Niners are plagued by injuries right now.

Chiefs vs. Bills

Andrew: Chiefs; KC gets back on track with a W.

Patrick: Chiefs; Loss to the Raiders was a fluke and they will be right back to winning.

Jaxin: Chiefs; they are gonna bounce back big after the loss to Vegas. 

Cardinals vs. Cowboys

Andrew: Cardinals; Kyler shows up in PrimeTime.

Patrick: Cowboys; With Dak injured I don’t see how the Cowboys could win this.

Jaxin: Cardinals; Kyler is going to show why he is a future MVP against a terrible defense.