Has Quarantine Influenced Your Space?

Students explain about how their room has changed over quarantine


Submitted by: Logan Honerkamp

Logan Honerkamp’s new LED lights that were bought over quarantine.

Grayce Page, Reporter

As we entered into quarantine, our shopping “addiction” has gotten stronger. As you may have seen, isolation has greatly influenced what we decide to buy. Whether that be new clothes, more food, or new electronics, we have all felt the increased urge to buy things. One of them you may not have thought about, is items for your room.

We all have been stuck inside for months now. And most of us are or have begun to go stir crazy. One of the side effects from isolation is developing/contributing to a shopping addiction. As consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow said, “More than one-third of all respondents reported buying more food and/or more household products.” While at home, we have all felt the urge to change things up. And since we are in our rooms so much, this is where most of the change will probably be. 

Freshman Megan Geisler is one of the many students who are going to change and renovate their entire room. 

“Corona has influenced the way I style my room a lot,” Geisler said. “Instead of wanting this awesome pretty room that looks amazing, I am opting for more of a comfortable approach. So I am instead prioritizing comfort over beauty. This is because I myself have been in quarantine twice and spend a lot of time in my room now. And since I am in my room so much, I want to be comfortable there. So I have added a lot more blankets and pillows and comfy chairs. I also am taking a more practical approach to it. I added a whiteboard to keep track of schoolwork, I cleaned off my desk so I can finally use it and I also added more extension cords.” 

Another student, sophomore Logan Honerkamp, said that he “put up LED lights” and is “planning on getting posters too.”

Geisler, Honerkamp, and other students feel that their room is a comforting place. And make it even more comforting, they are deciding to go and completely make it her own.