Week 14 Picks

More takes from the Hot Takes boys


Sruthi Ramesh

(Left to Right) Patrick Lynch, Andrew Hanson, and Jaxin Osinski are the hosts of “Hot Takes.”

Patrick Lynch, Andrew Hanson, and Jaxin Osinski

Overall Records

Andrew- 86-42

Patrick- 81-47

Jaxin- 78-50

Patriots vs. Rams

Andrew- I have to go with the Rams but it’ll be close

Patrick- Patriots; They’ve been solid recently

Jaxin- I think the Rams stay hot

Texans vs. Bears

Andrew- Texans, Bears are a dumpster fire

Patrick- Texans; The Bears were the biggest fraud this season

Jaxin- Bears are still on a decline; Texans win

Cowboys vs. Bengals

Andrew- Cowboys, Bengals without Burrow might be worse than the Jets.

Patrick- Cowboys; Rough game but Dallas has good chances 

Jaxin- This is a really bad game that I would hope Dallas could win 

Chiefs vs. Dolphins

Andrew- Chiefs, easy pick

Patrick- Chiefs; Dolphins are no match

Jaxin- I love what the Dolphins are doing but I can’t pick against the Chiefs 

Cardinals vs. Giants 

Andrew- Cardinals, Giants are bad 

Patrick- Giants; They’ve got some momentum and Cards just lost

Jaxin- Bounce back game for Arizona

Vikings vs. Buccaneers

Andrew- Bucs, better all around team

Patrick- Vikings; Dalvin Cook shocks the world

Jaxin- Vikings stun the Buccaneers

Broncos vs. Panthers

Andrew- Panthers, Broncos are too inconsistent

Patrick- Panthers; Broncos have 0 consistency in their game

Jaxin- The Broncos are all over the place, Panthers win

Titans vs. Jaguars 

Andrew- Titans, Jags suck

Patrick- Titans; Jags are bad

Jaxin- Titans come back and have a big week

Colts vs Raiders

Andrew- Colts, this could be a contender for game of the week

Patrick- Colts; no reason the Raiders stop them

Jaxin- Colts continue to ball out

Jets vs. Seahawks

Andrew- Seahawks win, probably gonna be a close game because it’s the Seahawks

Patrick- Seahawks; I’m still hurting from the Giants and I have no faith at this point we might lose I don’t know anymore

Jaxin- Seahawks beat at least one team from New York

Packers vs. Lions

Andrew- Packers, beatdown

Patrick- Packers; Easy win for the Packers

Jaxin- Aaron Rodgers keeps the MVP run going

Saints vs. Eagles

Andrew- Saints, Eagles are an embarrassment

Patrick- Saints; Jalen Hurts is worse than Wentz

Jaxin- Saints but at least Jalen Hurts is playing 

Falcons vs. Chargers 

Andrew- Falcons, I don’t know why but I’m going with my gut

Patrick- Falcons; Herbert will throw for 250 and still lose

Jaxin- I think Herbert has a good game but Falcons win

Washington vs. 49ers

Andrew- I think the football team beats an injured Niners team

Patrick- Washington; Niners injuries and they proved themselves against the Steelers

Jaxin- Washington has been playing well and I think they beat the banged up Niners 

Steelers vs. Bills

Andrew- Steelers get back on track

Patrick- Steelers; Setback against Washington but it will be resolved

Jaxin- I am gonna shock people and pick the Bills

Ravens vs. Browns

Andrew- Ravens show the Browns are frauds

Patrick- Browns; Ravens have been figured out

Jaxin- Browns show people they aren’t frauds