Should Students Who Are Vaccinated Still Wear A Mask At School?

Mixed opinions are going around the school, some kids are even taking sides, but what is the real answer to this question we all want to know?


Bryleigh Conley

Many students are questioning whether they should wear masks or not.

Bryleigh Conley, Reporter

We all know most people prefer not to wear a mask, but the real question is, should you wear a mask? Students in the Wentzville School District have not yet been required to wear a mask this school year, but it is recommended. The district claims, “Masks are optional in buildings and outdoors.” But was that really the right option?

According to St. Charles County, as of September 2021, the number of COVID-19 cases are still high in the 63367 zip code; with an 8.05% positivity rate, and about 150 have been confirmed cases. Although restrictions have been lifted, the St. Charles County of Public Health recommends that citizens continue wearing a mask and practice social distancing.

Sophomore Gabby Medina is fully vaccinated and wears a mask to school every day. She describes how the vaccine is just like any other vaccine, you take it to keep yourself and others safe. 

“I still like to wear a mask even though I am vaccinated because studies prove it lessens the chances of me or others getting ill,” Medina said. 

Medina also believes other students should wear a mask as well, whether they are vaccinated or not. This is because she has seen how people have been affected by COVID-19. Nurses have even worn masks before the virus. So it shows, being at school with a mask can prevent the chances of getting ill; not just from the virus but other viruses as well.

When Medina heard about masks being optional at school, she claims her first thoughts were about how many students at school will probably not wear one. However, with her mother working in the medical field, she was persuaded to wear hers. When the first day of school arrived, Medina walked in and described how almost nobody was wearing a mask. 

Unsure about the “masks at all times” rule, Medina said, “personally I don’t mind wearing it.” She also talked about how she believes having an “optional mask” rule, as we do right now, is the way to go. People shouldn’t force people to wear masks, but they can encourage them too.

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With Medina’s mom working in the medical field, she gets to experience and hear about how cases have been increasing. According to Medina, the cause of this increase is due to schools going back to full time and having an “optional mask” rule. 

“I 100 percent think that Covid is still very present and should not be taken lightly,” she describes. “It is very much still a big deal now (as) it was a year ago.”

Riley Andrzejewski, a sophomore, is fully vaccinated and does not wear a mask to school. According to Andrzejewski, if you want to get vaccinated you should, but if you don’t want to, then don’t worry about it. She also believes that it is your own choice to wear a mask. 

“I was happy we didn’t have to wear them anymore and that we are going to get a semi-normal school year,” she said. According to Andrzejewski, she wasn’t surprised by the number of people not wearing masks. She describes that she feels many people did not like wearing them.

Andrzejewski also believes the “mask at all times” rule should not come back unless there is a huge outbreak again. She also states that she knows many people that have experienced having COVID-19 since being at school, but yet feels like there are fewer cases throughout the world.

“It was a much bigger deal in the past but I have gotten more used to it since the cases have gone down, and we have gone back to school,” she said. 

So, do students need wear masks at school if vaccinated?” The answer is no (for now). Do you think students should still wear masks if vaccinated?