WSD Closes Due To Inclement Weather, Marking First Snow Days Of The Year

Winter storm allows snow days on 2/2 – 2/4


Kay Copeland

After discussions of a hefty winter storm moving toward our area, the WSD announced our first snow days of the school year.

***As of 4 p.m. on 2/3, the WSD declared Friday, Feb. 4 as an additional inclement weather day. Enjoy the long weekend!

Students, staff, and parents alike endured a highly anticipated build-up with promises of an advancing winter storm. Predictions for the impending amount of snow varied from 3 inches to 3 feet; even the meteorologists and weather radar couldn’t agree on a prediction. Though one thing they all agreed on was that it was coming. 

The Wentzville School District declared Feb. 2-3 as inclement weather days due to the winter storm, as did multiple other districts in the area. This announcement officially marked the WSD’s first snow day of the school year after a relatively dry winter season. 

“Due to the severe weather forecast and the Governor’s State of Emergency announcement, all schools in the WSD will be closed Wednesday & Thursday, Feb. 2 & 3, for an Emergency District Closure.” The district’s announcement on Twitter read.

KMOV’s weather alerts indicated freezing rain, sleet and snow throughout Wednesday and Thursday, coming as soon as early Wednesday morning. KMOV placed its predictions for our area at a 75% chance of more than 4 inches of snow, and a 60% chance of more than 6 inches of snow. 

Due to an implementation of emergency make-up days built into the WSD academic calendar, students are allotted up to six inclement weather days they don’t have to make up at the end of the school year. If the number of missed days exceeds six, the school year will be extended with virtual learning days. 

There’s been speculation that the WSD could also declare Friday, Feb. 4 as an inclement weather day due to the prevailing winter storm. Of course, this all depends on how much, and for how long it snows. 

Regardless, this was a well-awaited snow day, and the anticipation leading up to it all makes it that much more rewarding. Enjoy the days off- go outside and play in the snow, or stay inside bundled-up and cozy. Whatever you find the most joy in, cherish these snow days. With the local area’s recent lack of snow, this winter storm could very well be the only opportunity for inclement weather during the current school year.