Girls’ Varsity Basketball Honors Its Seniors


Sruthi Ramesh

Tess Roberts, Kylee Orf, Hailey Jolliff, Dori Earle, Ally Schniepp All played in Liberty’s win against North Point.

Sydney Davis, Reporter

Five varsity girls’ basketball seniors were honored senior night, on Feb. 8 against North Point. Liberty won the game with a score of 48-20. Here we get to know a little bit more about our star seniors.

Ally Schniepp

Ally Schniepp (Monica Reyes)

She plans to play intramural basketball while attending college at Mizzou and majoring in journalism. She will not be playing any collegiate sports. From her times playing basketball at Liberty, she will remember the fun times at practice with the team and all the laughs they’ve had this year. Schniepp will also remember cheering her teammates on during the games and picking each other up when they got knocked down. She will specifically remember her teammates’ reactions to her taking a charge, scoring on a good drive, and making threes. 

A few of Schniepp’s basketball career highlights are from when she took charges, the times she was compared to Dennis Rodman by Coach Schumacher, and from when she won GACs her sophomore year. Some of her highlights she remembers from this year are from when she had 12 rebounds against South, made a 3-pointer on senior night, and scored a buzzer-beater before halftime to put Liberty in the lead in a close game.

Dori Earle (Sruthi Ramesh)

Dori Earle

She doesn’t have any plans regarding playing basketball for herself, but she might plan on becoming a coach for her future kids. Earle is not playing the rest of the season or in college because of injuries. Earle plans to attend St. Charles Community College for two years and then will attend Lake Superior State University (Mich.) to possibly major in psychology. She’s not playing any sports but will continue running. 

Earle will remember the funny moments she and the team had on days when the coaches could tell they needed a break. Earle enjoyed the fun people she got to meet and the times when she played with her sister. She voiced that when she got paired up with her sister, she wouldn’t hold back but bought her food after practice. She’ll especially remember playing basketball on senior night because she made the devastating decision to not play the rest of the season, making it her last basketball game ever. Due to her decision, she will reminisce about the rush of getting on the court again after being injured the entire senior season.

Earle’s sister, Shae, is very important to her because of the memories they share together. Some of her favorite highlights and memories come from when they played together. She recognized that it was her favorite thing to do and they always had a blast with making everything jokingly competitive. 

Kylee Orf (Monica Reyes)

Kylee Orf

She doesn’t have any basketball plans after high school. She just played because she grew up playing. Orf is going to Southwest Baptist University and she plans on majoring in sports psychology, as well as playing softball there. 

Orf will remember being the only freshman brought up to varsity her first year. She will also remember getting her name on the record board three times for blocks for career, rebounds in a game, and steals in a game her senior year after taking a year off from playing. Some highlights from her basketball career at Liberty include when the team won big in the 2022 Warrenton tournament.

Orf also brought up the fact that she’d been playing basketball since she was about 3 or 4 years old, but after this year she won’t play again. 

Tess Roberts (Monica Reyes)

Tess Roberts

She is in her last year of playing basketball, not planning on playing in college. She will, however, be attending college at the University of Concordia Saint Paul (Minn.) next year to continue her soccer career. She is majoring in either computer science or cybersecurity, and hoping to get into another school for the Air Force ROTC program. 

“Playing basketball at Liberty will always have a big part in my heart. The record was not always the best but the love for each other on the team was. I will miss the way our team was more than a team.” Roberts’ best highlight from this year was being the one team member to take the most charges in a single season. 

Hailey Jolliff (Monica Reyes)

Hailey Jolliff

She plans on playing soccer in college, but she doesn’t see any future plans for playing basketball. She will attend college at the University of Central Missouri, majoring in nursing.

Jolliff will remember the coaching staff and the good teammates that she was always around. She will also remember how helpful coach Sodaman was. Jolliff’s highlights include when she played her best games, scored high, and when the team won good games. Jolliff wants others to know that being at Liberty is awesome.