Ranking All ‘Beach House’ Albums Worst to Best

My opinion on all Beach House albums and why I ranked them that way

Alexis Cullivan

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The indie rock duo “Beach House” has released multiple albums since 2006.

“Beach House” is an indie rock duo consisting of Victoria Legrand, who does the vocals and keyboard, and Alex Scally, who does guitar and backing vocals. Here are my rankings of all their albums spanning from 2006 to 2022. 

Beach House (2006)

9. Beach House

This self-titled album is their debut, made in 2006. “Beach House” isn’t an awful album, but after listening to all the others, it just seems to fall short.

The album is the shortest out of all of them being only 36 minutes long, which is another reason I am ranking it last.

B-Sides and Rarities (2017)

8. B-Sides and Rarities

The album “B-Sides and Rarities” was released in 2017, and it’s just not my favorite. The songs on this album sound more like something I would want to fall asleep to, rather than something I would want to listen to while I’m out on the go.

Bloom (2012)

7. Bloom

This album was made in 2012. “Bloom” doesn’t appear to have a common theme or genre. Normally, I would be okay with that but this one just isn’t the one for me. It oftentimes feels as if they threw some singles together and just called it an album.

Devotion (2008)

6. Devotion

“Devotion” was released in 2008. I really like the cover of this album since it pictures both Victoria and Alex on it. I feel like it gives it a little bit of character to the entire album. 

7 (2018)

5. 7

This album was made in 2018. The music featured on “7” is a little bit faster than their normal stuff which is why I rated it so high, because it is different and I like it.

The album cover is also quite pretty in my opinion. 

Thank You Lucky Stars (2015)

4. Thank You Lucky Stars

“Thank You Lucky Stars” was released in 2015. This one is a bit of a shorter album with only 9 songs, though I still really enjoy this album. It contains a lot of great sounds in each one of the songs. 

Once Twice Melody (2022)

3. Once Twice Melody

This album was released in 2022. This one contains my second favorite song of theirs, which is the title track “Once Twice Melody.”

I really love listening to that song while going for a drive. It’s super calming. The rest of the album is really good as well. 

Teen Dream (2010)

2. Teen Dream

“Teen Dream” was released in 2010. This album is amazing, I love it. The song “Silver Soul” has actually made its way over to TikTok and is very popular over on that app.

The songs on this album are really good and even though only one song is popular, I feel like the rest of the album could be too. 

Depression Cherry (2015)

1. Depression Cherry

This album is their best. The song “Space Song” is a really good song and it is their most popular out of all their songs since it’s also popular on TikTok. I actually have this album on CD and it’s a really good album to listen to when you need to relax. I think they did a really good job on all the songs in this album.