Seniors Triumph in Annual Powder Puff Game

Class of 2024 seniors defeat class of 2025 juniors in an extremely close first ever school-sponsored Powder Puff game
Senior Grace Edney runs with a smile as she is going in for a touchdown.
Senior Grace Edney runs with a smile as she is going in for a touchdown.
Sydney Davis

Liberty’s own seniors and juniors fought each other head on for our first ever school sponsored Powder Puff game here on our very football field. In an action-packed and high scoring game, the seniors took home the win 48-46.

Powder Puff is a tradition as the money used from the game goes towards grad night for the senior class.

Both seniors and juniors were getting hyped up with their chants and cheers to start the game off at 6:30 p.m. this past Wednesday, Sept. 13. The game was very competitive as the score kept going back-and-forth with the seniors in the lead as the juniors caught up right behind them. One senior, Grace Edney, had two amazing touchdowns this game. 

This was her second Powder Puff and when asked if she enjoyed playing, Edney said, “It was so exciting. Being around your team and on the field was so great. Everybody’s cheering you on and you’re just having a fun time.” 

During halftime, the junior and senior boys put on quite the show. It is a Powder Puff tradition that the girls play the game, and the boys put on a cheer. The crowd cheered as both the senior and junior boys did so very well with their routines. But, in the end, the crowd cheered the loudest for the seniors. Junior Jack Ryan said his junior halftime routine took three hours to put together.

 “It took way longer than it should have because we were just messing around,” Ryan said. “But, we did good and didn’t drop anybody thankfully.” 

It was super nerve racking at the end but we all knew Lola would come in clutch.

— Alyse Gorman

After those beautiful halftime routines, the game was getting more and more competitive by the second. Right up until the end when the score was tied 46-46. To finish the game, each team was given one chance to make a game winning kickoff through the field goal. After the juniors sadly missed their kick, senior Lola Gianino stepped up to give her shot at it. 

“There was a lot of screaming. They were trying to distract me and make me miss the ball,” Gianino said. Gianino’s final kick were the final points of the game, pulling the seniors ahead to end the score at 48-46. 

After the score was final, the seniors cheered and shouted as loud as they could. Senior Alyse Gorman gave her recognition to Gianino. “It was super nerve racking at the end but we all knew Lola would come in clutch,” Gorman said.  

Without looking at who won and who lost, everybody seemed to enjoy their time at the game. Players, coaches, friends and family, even teachers had their fun. For class of 2024, it can only go up from here! 

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