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Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Homecoming Pep Assembly Shines with School Spirit

Students gather in the gymnasium to have the annual homecoming assembly with laughter and cheer
Sydney Davis
Students cheer on lip sync contestants for their outstanding performances.

Before the assembly had begun the Liberty Belles, cheer team, and the band practiced to make sure everything was ready to be shown. 

Students had started to arrive in the gymnasium at 11:40 a.m. to their assigned section on the bleachers. 

After everyone had settled down, the hostesses, Alyse Gorman and Jordan Schwent made their way to the middle of the court to officially start the assembly. 

First announced was this week’s spirit king and queen for homecoming spirit week. Greyson Bertels was declared Spirit King and Grace Edney for Spirit Queen.

Ms. Kleiber dances with students during the homecoming assembly. (Sophie Hegyi)

It was now time for the fun to begin. 

Jordan Schwent stated “It’s now time for my favorite tradition, the lip sync battle for the staff.” 

First up was Ms. Pizzo who performed “Last Dance” by Donna Summer with dramatic facial expressions and passion. 

Mr. Hendricks came out in a disco outfit singing to the song “Gonna Make You Sweat” by C+C Music Factory to complete his performance. 

Kleiber rollerbladed her way to the floor next, students screamed from the bleachers. Kleiber continued her tradition of students being a part of her lip sync battles. “I always want the performance to be about the involvement of the students,” Kleiber expressed. They danced and sang to “Disco Inferno” by The Trammps.

T-O was up next in her outstanding 70s look. When T-O had entered the gymnasium her 

former and current students loudly cheered. When “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor blasted from the speakers T-O started dancing the classic 70s dance moves while the students clapped along with the song. 

The last performance of the lip sync battle was Mr. Barker. When his name was announced the students instantly cheered with excitement. “Love Rollercoaster” by Ohio Players started playing through the speakers and the students joined in to clap along to his fantastic dance moves. 

Mr. Hendricks performs “Gonna Make You Sweat” by C+C Music Factory at Homecoming Assembly. (Sydney Davis)

After all contestants performed, Alyse Gorman and Jordan Schwent called all performers back on the floor to announce the winner. They had asked all students to cheer loudly when each contestant’s name was called to confirm the winner. Both hostesses listened carefully to which performer got the loudest cheers. 

After the decision was made, Alyse had declared Mr. Barker the annual 2023 lip sync battle champion. “Is there a better feeling than winning?” Barker states. “I think other contestants were better than me,” he continued to say. 

Next up our 4 state champions, the Liberty Belles got set up for their outstanding routine. 

It was now time to bring out the 2023 Homecoming Court. Running for Freshman Court is Reid Delaney. Next up for Sophomore Court Ava Macias and Clayton Johnson. Then Juniors Hallie Seaton and Grant Leonard were called. 

Finally all runners for Senior Court were called out. 

First announced out was Tiamya Smith. Next was Megan Geisler who unfortunately couldn’t be there. Then Ryan Schmerold and Meredith Kerr, who unfortunately couldn’t make it as well. Schmerold still walked and got much support from his graduating class. 

Seniors Kaden Kargacin and Reese Douglas and walk out for senior homecoming court. (Lilly Fister)

Finally, what seemed to be the seniors’ favorite couple, Reese Douglas and Kaden Kargacian. They both walked out with huge smiles on their faces.

Later on Friday night at the Homecoming football game Reese and Kaden were declared homecoming king and queen. 

It was time to let the games begin. The hostesses asked all the varsity cheerleaders and football players who got a notification about being a part of the cheerleaders v.s. football players tug of war. It was a quick game ending in a win for the football players.

Gorman and Schwent next announced the famous sibling game that many schools have been doing around the country. 5 pairs of students were selected to participate in this game. These siblings were Sydney and Kaylee Strassemeier, Carson and Cannon Nord, Jenna and Dylan Handlan, Sophia and Mia Knobbe, Greyson and Peyton Bertels. 

Finally to end off this memorial assembly, the “Belles and Bros” performed their annual dance to “High School Musical” songs, earning many screams and chants from the bleachers. 

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