A Night of Talent

Students are excited to showcase their talents for their peers


Senior Austin McClanahan plays the guitar while seniors Hannah McCrary, Julia Wolz and Abby Hankins sing “Riptide” by Vance Joy.

For the first time ever, Liberty had a talent show. The event was hosted by Key Club on Jan. 19 in the auditorium as their main fundraiser to support club service projects and give back to a member of the Liberty community.

Mr. Peggs’ son, Drew Peggs, was born six weeks early so he had to be taken to the NICU/Special Care Nursery. Key Club held a miracle minute to raise money to help the family and all other proceeds exceeding their goal will go to the Peggs’ family as well.

Many students showed off their vocal prowess, such as freshman Alliesa Howard who also played the guitar.

“I definitely like playing music in front of people because it’s hopefully going to prepare me for my future which I hope will be in music,” Howard said.

Junior Cameron Jones decided to take a hobby of his and showcase it for the school. He performed a magic trick for the talent show.

Junior Cameron Jones uses cue cards to guide his volunteer through the trick.

“I have been waiting for us to have a talent show since freshman year and I’m so excited that we get to have one,” Jones said. “I started doing magic when I was 11 and I got this trick last year for Christmas and I wanted to perform it.”

One group decided to combine acts that would traditionally be separate. Junior Rishi Kondapaneni played the piano while juniors Marlee Doniff and Megan Maetten danced.

“We thought it would be cool to do something different rather than just me playing the piano or them dancing to a track,” Kondapaneni said.

One student had a very unique act. Senior Austyn Kloth styled his hair for his talent.

“My hair turned out really well and the crowd seemed to enjoy it and that was the ultimate goal with my act,” Kloth said.

One of the school’s PLTW teachers, Mr. Kling, performed in the show. He sang “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from “The Lion King.

PLTW teacher Mr. Kling sings “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King.

“I think [my act] went okay. I’d probably give it a B. I messed up a little bit there, but I landed on my feet. I stuck the landing and it felt good,” Mr. Kling said.

The talent show was a competition and the winner was junior Christian Tebeau. He performed a color guard routine.

“I feel like the start of a legacy, the start of a great history of excellence and talent and love and the fostering of a great family, not only for Key Club, but for everyone that is included in this talent show,” Tebeau said.

Eric Mason
Sophomore Annette Oliphant and senior Danielle Kunz congratulate junior Christian Tebeau on winning the talent show.

Since the talent show was Key Club’s main fundraiser, they put in a lot of work to make it successful. Sophomore Annette Oliphant was committee chair on the project with the club treasurer, senior Danielle Kunz, assisting her as the supervising club officer of the project.

“It’s been great to work with the Key Club team and being in a leadership position,” Oliphant said. “I’ve learned a lot and I hope everyone enjoyed the show.”