Going the Extra Mile

Mr. Eversole is an involved teacher at Liberty


Brandon Hennis

Mr. Eversole is one of the English teachers at Liberty.

If you’ve ever had Mr. Eversole as a teacher, you’ll know he’s very laid back and tries to make everything easy for his students. He has a cool, unique personality.

Mr. Eversole teaches English II and III and also Film and Literature. He is also involved in the theater department.

If you’re in one of his English classes, a typical day usually consists of getting class time to work on whatever the assignment is. As students are working, Eversole will walk around and see how the students are doing. He answers any questions you have, but also talks and connects with the students. He may even talk to you about movies or something you’re doing outside of school. He’s a good teacher, but also connects with everyone just like he’s another student. That’s what sets him apart from the other teachers.

 “I like Mr. Eversole because he’s really funny and laid back,” sophomore Carter Kussman said.

Sophomore Terrill Cotton also shared his thoughts on Mr. Eversole.

“He’s just a cool teacher, ya know? And he gives you extra time if you need it,” Cotton said.

Mr. Eversole has been teaching at Liberty for the past four years. When asked about things he tries to do as a teacher, his answer was simple – “listen to students.” He keeps things simple, reasonable and unstressed. He understands students have lives outside of school and other classes to do work in. Therefore, Eversole always sets due dates accordingly.

Mr. Eversole also knows how to teach and listen to students and makes sure that all of their questions are answered. Overall, Eversole is a great teacher and is well liked by many students.